Shipping Saturday: For the Love of Fanfiction

rogan fanfiction (Image)

The weather outside is frightful this weekend, and, much to your horror, you’ve finished the last episode of your Netflix binge this morning. Sure, you could find another show to watch to pass the snowy day, but you just can’t extract yourself from the fictional world or your love for your favorite ships. What happened after their ending? How could a love that perfect love implode like that? Why did they never get together? Why did she pick him and not him? Before you drive yourself crazy, I have your perfect solution to satisfy all your shipping needs: Fanfiction.

I’ve talked about fanfiction on here a couple times in the past from the writer’s perspective. However, it’s not just for those of us who are handy with pens and keyboards. The fanfiction community is a wonderful place for shippers to unite in one place to discover new tales and gush over their favorite couples. No matter who you ship or what you ship, websites like and Archive of Our Own have thousands of new stories just waiting to be discovered featuring all your favorite ships tat contain all the feels your fangirl heart desires.

Not convinced? Here are all the reasons why the world of fanfiction is a shipper’s paradise.

Off-Screen unseen becomes on-screen sweet.

You know all the things that happen off of the screen or page between our favorite couples, but we never get to see? Like the time when Logan got hurt on Gilmore Girls, and we never really got to see Rory properly nurse her man back to health. Fanfiction is the perfect way to fill in all the blanks. Whether it’s making up after a fight or some one half of your ship getting a little TLC from the the other, you’ll find a myriad of ways to breathe life and provide answers into the unseen seen side of your favorite ships.

If you ship it, you can find it.

Think you ship the most nonexistent ship out there? Google that couple and the word fanfiction, and I assure you will find a least a handful of fanfiction stories about that couple. For example, I found several stories devoted to my favorite Friday Night Lights crack ship Jason and Tyra. From alternate universe and crossover couples to slash ships, you can pretty much find a catalog of tales you can sink your shipping teeth into for hours. Not seeing what you like? Be the one to create it.

Cannon? What cannon?

There are shipping moments that have happened that are like a punch to the gut like when Lucas chose Riley over Maya on Girl Meets World or Orphan Black decided to kill off Sarah’s sometimes-lover Paul. These moments break our hearts and leave screaming why in our heads and sometimes out loud. Sure they are cannon in the show, but fanfiction lets you throw all that out the window. From ships that never sailed coming to life to the ones that crashed and burned being put back together, fanfiction gives you the power to rewrite the rules your show and ships live by.

There is no shortage of heat.

Sweet stories that give us warm and fuzzy feels are nice, but there are those times when we want something a little steamier. Like the cute unseen scenes, fanfiction lets you get your hands on all those sultry moments television has labeled too hot to handle. Just click on the stories marked M and lose yourself in all your sexy shipping fantasies. (Remember, Fifty Shades of Grey started out as an alternate universe Twilight fanfiction.)

There are no cancellations.

The best part about the world of fanfiction is that there is no end of anything. The shows you love never have to have a finale. Dead characters can be resurrected. Breakups can be turned into makeups. (Okay, breakups and character deaths still do, but you can avoid those stories.) As long as there is someone with enough imagination, a keyboard, and an account, the feels never have to end.

Happy reading!

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