Shipping Saturday: The 2016 Glade Holiday Commercial

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

In honor of the spirit of this magical season and this month’s Spread the Love challenge, this week’s Shipping Saturday honors go to the 2016 Glade commercial. Though short, it is a beautiful tale of two parallel love stories and how they converge with one simple act.

A young woman with everything she wants is moved to give a little of her holiday cheer to an elderly man across the street who has lost everything he’s ever loved. We don’t know the extent of their friendship. We don’t know if the wave at each other in the morning, exchange pleasantries over the fence, or if the simply ignore each other’s existence. However, none of that matters when the elderly man pulls up in front of his house and sees the string of lights she hung around her door. His smile and the joy she feels at making his holiday a little brighter are the only things that count.

Okay, so it’s an ad designed to want you to buy one of Glade’s holiday candles. However, this ad sends a truly powerful message about friendship, neighborly relations, and doing good for your fellow man. One small act can truly make a big impact in this world even if it only directly touches one person.

So to all my readers, Merry Christmas. I hope your holiday season is merry and bright. Let’s all try to spread a little more love over the next few days and beyond.


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