Shipping Saturday: A Few of My NoTPs

shipping saturday notp nope (Image)

We all have couples we just love. They give us all the feels, have us rooting for them to go all the way, and always leave us wanting more. Then, there are the couples referred to in the shipping world as NoTPs. These are the couples we wish would find love other people, have us saying nope, and leave us looking for the remote. Sometimes, we just think the meh. No matter how much we want to root for them, they don’t do it for us even if everyone else thinks they are OTP.

Here are a few of my top NoTPs that just don’t leave me with that lovin’ feeling.

Aria Montgomery and Ezra Fitz, “Pretty Little Liars”

I know, I know. Saying you are not an Ezria fan is about as close to sacrilege as you can get in the PLL fandom. Yet, I just can’t get behind them. No only was he was her teacher while they were hooking up, a fact no one except her dad seemed to take issue with, Aria’s whole character arc was wrapped up in her relationship with Ezra. I think her best moments were when she wasn’t with Ezra, and I really wish they would have parted ways several seasons ago so we could have seen Aria thrive in another real relationship.

shipping saturday ezria (Image)

Belle and Rumple, “Once Upon a Time”

Okay, I get that Rumple is supposed to be Belle’s beast, and thus her true love, but these two are just exhausting to watch. No matter how many times he promises he’s on the side of good, Rumple always slips back into his wicked ways. Belle deserves a real prince who will be the man she needs and put an end to the one-step-forward-ten-steps-back cycle she’s stuck in right now.

shipping saturday rum belle (Image)

Lucas Jones and Brad Cooper, “General Hospital”

I love the character of Lucas. Brad not so much. Maybe I’ve read way too many fanfics where he ends up with mob prince Johnny, but I always imagined Lucas being swept off his feet by a badass mafia guy with a heart of gold and serious protective streak. Brad is an okay guy, but I’d really love for Lucas to be with someone great.

shipping saturday lucas brad (Image)

Riley Matthews and Lucas Friar, “Girl Meets World”

I like Riley. I like Lucas. I can’t stand them together. Sure, they are the innocent and sweet pair were supposed to root for, but, in reality, they are a total snoozefest as a couple. Plus, they lack some serious romantic chemistry. I wish they would have just stayed really good friends, so they could find love with the other members of their inner circle.

shipping saturday rucas (Image)

Colt Bennett and Abby, “The Ranch”

Another pair we were supposed to root for, Colt and Abby have the same problem as Riley and Lucas: No chemistry. Plus, Abby is just that likable of a character, especially in season one. I’ve warmed up to a bit in season two, but I really wish Colt would go back to former girlfriend Heather. She might have been a bit young for him, but she was a big hearted-girl who could hold her own with the Bennett boys and had off-the-charts chemistry with Colt.

shipping saturday colt abby (Image)

Danny Warren/Bridey Cruz/Willa Warren, “The Family”

Bridey slept with siblings Willa and Danny just so she could be the first to expose all the dirty little secrets of the Warren family, destroying what little relationship the brother and sister shared. Worse still, she showed absolutely no remorse for her actions. Yeah, I didn’t really feel all that bad that she was killed off in the show’s series finale.

shipping saturday the family (Image)


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