Spread the Love Day One: It Starts With You and Me

kind quote 1 (Image)

Some days, it feels that all that exists in this world is hate and negativity. People judge others blindly. People take their anger out on others. People choose to only see the worst in each other. People are just plain cruel. We tear each other down and tear each other apart, and then we wonder why everyone seems so divided and polarized.

Then, there those small moments that makes us see this world really is that bad of a place. They are not always obvious or loud. Sometimes, it’s as small as a sliver of light under a door or a silent as a snowfall. It’s a wave from a stranger. It’s slipping a dollar into a Salvation Army bucket or a new toy in the Toys For Tots bin. It’s someone giving up their seat on bus for someone else who looks like they need it. It’s an offer of assistance, an unexpected kind word, a genuine smile on a crowded street. These little things are what help us to remember to have a little faith in humanity.

We need more of those.

This holiday season, let’s all make the effort to be a nicer to each other. Smile at someone. Hold the the door. Spread a little love even when it seems like it won’t matter, because, trust me, it will always matter even if you can’t see it.

It starts with us.

Be kind. Pass it on.


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