The Cool Girl’s Gift Guide: For the “Blue Bloods” Fan

blue bloods cop cast (Image)

On Friday nights, you know where she’ll be. Officer Jamie Reagan is her dream man, and Officer Eddie Janko is her spirit animal. (And of course she ships Eddie and Jamie for life.) She prefers Donnie to all the other Wahlbergs. She wants share a drink with Frank and dine with the rest of the Reagan clan. She’s the ultimate Blue Bloods fan, and she’s not ashamed on bit.

Surprise her this holiday season with a gift inspired by her favorite first family of NYC. Need some ideas? Here are few unique Blue Bloods items that are perfect for any fan.

1. Frank Reagan’s Office Candle

With clean citrus notes of orange and lemon with spicy notes of clove, anise, pepper, and rose and, notes of vanilla, leather, balsam, and warm musks, this candle’s scent is as complex as Frank Reagan himself. (It even comes with a handcuff necklace.)

blue bloods frank candle (Movie Inspired Soy Candles-Blue Bloods, $12.95, Napauncorked on Etsy)

2. The Blue Bloods Cookbook

Whip up Reagan-worthy meals with this collection of recipes inspired by the show’s famous Sunday dinner scenes and complied by Erin Reagan’s portrayer Bridget Moynahan. Plus, your favorite fan will love all the little behind the scenes tidbits scattered throughout its pages.

blue bloods cookbook (The Blue Bloods Cookbook: 120 Recipes That Will Bring Your Family to the Table, $29.99, Barnes and Noble)

3. The Reagan Family Tee

She’ll love to show her loyalty to the family that bleeds blue with this cute tee that features the Frank and his kids.

blue bloods tee (Blue Bloods Cast Women’s T-Shirt, $24.95,

4.  Blue Blood by Edward Conlon

Any Blue Bloods fan will love this real-life tale of a Harvard grad who followed in his family’s footsteps walking the streets of New York as an NYPD cop. (Sound familiar?)

blue blood book (Blue Blood, $20.00, Barnes and Noble)

5. Blue Bloods Cast Mug

She’ll sip her coffee (or other favorite Reagan-approved beverage) in style with this mug.

blue bloods mug (Blue Bloods Cast Mug, $14.95,


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