Shipping Saturday: Jasmine and Aladdin of “Once Upon a Time”

shipping saturday aladdin and jasmine 2 (Image)

Once Upon a Time has made a name for itself reinventing our favorite fairytales and Disney stories. In the world of Storybrooke, Captain Hook is a sexy Irishman who gets the girl, the Evil Queen gets a shot a redemption, and Snow White and Prince Charming both kick some serious ass. Now, the show is bringing to life every 1990s girl’s favorite Disney couple to life with its retelling of the romance of Jasmine and Aladdin.

Since OUAT is taking a week off, let’s give a little love to a couple being reimagined in a whole new world.

They are adorable together.

Whether it’s flashbacks in Agrabah or current time in Storybrook, there is no denying that Aladdin and Jasmine have some serious chemistry. They are simply adorable whenever they are in the same room together. From witty banter to shared glances and almost kisses, the feisty princess and the savvy street rat can’t seem to fight their mutual attraction. They play-fight, they scheme, and they are not above doing a little late-night breaking and entering to help out their new friends. Even the other residents of Storybrook are taking notice. Sure, Aladdin and Jasmine try to play it off like they are just friends, but we all know better.

Jasmine helped Aladdin become a hero.

Aladdin was always an unlikely hero. He believed his destiny was to be a street rat, living off whatever he was able to scalage and surviving from one day to the next. Then, Jasmine burst into his life, the mysterious princess looking for a hero to help her save her kingdom. At first, he figured she had the wrong man, but, as they journeyed on, he started to see what she saw. Her faith in him never wavered, helping him to unlock the savior that lived within him. Even now that he has cut himself from his magic, Jasmine’s belief in him keeps his hope alive that one day he could be a great hero once again.

Jasmine’s emotions surrounding her reunion with Aladdin were clear.

It was heartbreaking to watch Jasmine in her desperate quest to try to find Aladdin in Storybrook, and it was absolutely gut-wrenching when she thought he was dead. The raw emotion that danced across her face showed that Aladdin was much more than a servant of her court or a potential savior of her kingdom. Her heart was breaking like when Emma watched Hook go to the Underworld or when Regina lost Robin. It was a princess watching her true love be ripped right out of her hands. Of course, Jasmine’s pain didn’t last long as Aladdin was really alive and just hiding out in town. You see her come back to life the second she sees him a the lake and runs into his arms. It’s moments like this that keep us believing these two are meant to be.

The show is taking the time to let their story unfold.

One of the best things about this updated fairytale is that OUAT is letting us watch the story of Aladdin and Jasmine unfold in real time. Instead of having them get together in the flashbacks, we get to take this journey with them. Sure, we saw their first meeting and the initial sparks in their Agrabah days, but the writers are taking great care to not rush anything in present time. These two picked up right where they left off not exactly friends but not exactly lovers. We get to watch them fall in love and watch the love between them blossom.

No matter how long it takes, Aladdin and Jasmine will always find each other. This is a love story for a whole new generation.

shipping saturday aladdin and jasmine 1 (Image)


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