Shipping Saturday Special: Eddie and Jamie Finally Confess Their Feelings on “Blue Bloods”

shipping saturday jamie eddie 3 (Image)

Last night’s episode of Blue Bloods marked a major milestone for Jamko fans. After the last few years of dancing around the truth, watching them get jealous, flirt, and develop a bond that has extended way beyond their daily beat, fans finally got to see Jamie Reagan and Eddie Janko confess their mutual attraction to each other and shared steamy kiss number two.

The moment was sparked by Jamie calling Eddie out for being jealous of the girl he letting crash at his apartment. Showing up to his place unannounced, Eddie laid all her cards on the table. With tears in her eyes and insisting Jamie let her get everything off her chest before he reacted, she owned up to both her jealousy and the fact the she has serious feelings for her partner. Much to her surprise, Jamie revealed that he had feelings for her as well. It was a moment that was very them down to his broken-in blue hoodie and her studded leather jacket. There was banter, adorable looks, and just everything we have come to love about these two individually and as a potential couple.

Sure, both reluctantly agreed that starting something up off the job would possibly make things on the job really weird and that it may not be the best idea to go from friends to something more. However, the kiss that Eddie laid on Jamie and the way he reciprocated then watched her longingly as she walked out signal that we might not want to rule out a future for these two just yet. They can deny it all they want, but it seems these two aren’t going to be able to fight their feelings for much longer. Only time will tell, but last night was definitely one step closer to all our Jamko dreams finally coming true. Hopefully, this will be Jamie and Eddie’s season.

Watch their super sweet confession below. Warning: It will give you serious feels.


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