Shipping Saturday: Our Favorite Bewitching Covens

shipping saturday witch table (Image)

Halloween is quickly approaching. What better way to celebrate the spookiest time of the year than with our favorite witchy circles and covens? Sort of a cousin of the BroTP, these bands of merry magic makers know that, while they are strong on their own, their real strength comes from each other. They may squabble amongst themselves, even proving to be their own greatest enemies. However, time and again, they prove they can put their differences aside in order to protect the entire group against outside threats.

Here are some of the most magical witches to check out this Halloween season.

The Sanderson Sisters

shipping saturday sanderson sisters (Image)

Is there any witchy trio more iconic than the Sanderson sisters of everyone’s favorite Halloween movie Hocus Pocus? After spending a couple centuries imprisoned by their own magic, these ladies woke up hungry for children and revenge. In any other movie, they would be the most hated women alive (or well resurrected in this case). However, these ladies endeared themselves to us wtih their complete inability to navigate the real world or not screw up their own plans, and with a little song called “I Put a Spell on You.” (Seriously, unless Bette Midler is singing it, I don’t want to hear it.)

The Circle

shipping saturday the craft (Image)

When it comes to cool, angsty teenage witches, Sarah, Nancy, Bonnie, and Rochelle from the cult classic The Craft will always be the gold standard. They used their powers to get love, revenge, and beauty all while rocking the very best of 1990’s goth. Sure, they learned the hard way that anything you put out into the world comes back to you times three, but they also proved that women could be pretty badass and misfits and weirdos don’t have to conform to find their place. Plus, they still reign supreme as the most iconic gothic girls in film history.

The Sons of Ipswich

shipping saturday the covenant (Image)

Who says witches can only be women? Descendants of several bloodiness of Salem witches, Caleb, Pogue, Tyler, and Reid of The Covenant are the bad boys of the witching world. They love stirring up a little mischief wherever they go, but within reason. Every time they use their powers they lose time off their lives, leading to some disagreements among the guys about what they should and shouldn’t do. However, when a dark presence starts threatening everything and everyone they love, they are ready to kick some serious ass. When things go to hell, these are the guys you want in your corner.

The Coven

shipping saturday coven (Image)

Sure, Madison, Zoe, Queenie, Misty, and Nan may have spent the better part of their American Horror Story season trying to backstab their way to the Supreme seat. Yet, when anyone or anything from the outside posed a threat, these ladies knew how to circle the wagons and unite against a common enemy. They may have been shady with each other, but they all lived by the golden witching rule: No one messes with a witch’s fellow coven member, but her.


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