Shipping Saturday: Chanel Oberlin and Chad Radwell of “Scream Queens”

shipping satturday chanel chad 1 (Image)

Okay, we need to take a minute and mourn the tragic shipwreck of Chanel Oberlin and Chad Radwell of Fox’s Scream Queens. Just when we thought they were going to tie the knot and live happily ever after, the killer running around the hospital just had to go and off Chad, dropping his body through the ceiling of the chapel where Chanel stood at the alter.

Sure, they had their issues. Chad’s proposal included giving a Chanel a prenup before giving her an actual ring, and he had some issues with the concept of fidelity. Chanel was more concerned about the dress, the ring, and getting her hands on Chad’s millions, and she’s kind of a vile person to everyone she meets. Hey, no one is perfect, right?

Yet, somehow under all of their serious character defects and really bizarre commitment problems, these two found true love (well, their flavor of it) with each other. No one else could skillfully go toe-to-toe with Chanel in the snarky insult department, and Chad finally met his match in the manipulation department. They’d break up for stupid reasons, but they’d somehow find a way to make up. In fact, the whole reason Chad even returned was to win back Chanel’s heart from the strange yet handsome Dr. Holt. Apart, they were the two characters we loved to hate. Together, they were the Scream Queens OTP we wanted to see make out of all this killer craziness alive.

Now that the Green Meanie has decided to take Chad out of the picture, it looks like this ship has officially sunk. At least, for now. It is Scream Queens after all, and, if this show is known for anything, it’s pulling off some pretty insane twists. (Like a certain former frat by coming back from the grave.)

Maybe there is still hope for Chanel and Chad. Hey, a girl can dream.

shipping saturday chad chanel 2 (Image)


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