Shipping Saturday: Connor Walsh and Oliver Hampton of “How to Get Away With Murder”

shipping saturday connor oliver 1 (Image)

How to Get Away With Murder is back for its third drama-filled season, and, with its return, we get the beautiful relationship of Connor Walsh and Oliver Hampton aka Thursday night’s steamiest ship back on our screens. Of course, because it’s a Shondaland show, our hearts were ripped out not once, but twice. Not only is Connor in danger of being under the sheet at the house fire, but we had to suffer through them breaking up in the season premiere.

However, all of us Coliver fans know that, no matter how rocky the seas may seem right now, this is one ship that will never sink. They’ve had a couple breakups in the past, but they’ve always managed to find their way back to each other. With the exception of death, nothing has ever kept Connor and Oliver apart for very long.

Here are a few reason to keep the Coliver flame alive.

They blossomed from bed buddies to real love.

From the moment they met, there have been some serious sparks flying between Connor and Oliver. Hell, there were full-blown flames every time they were alone together. However, while it was a lot of fun watching their steamy hookups, the real magic was watching Connor and Oliver’s relationship transform from a purely physical one to something that ran so much deeper. No matter how hard they tried to fight it, love still found a way to consume them both. Sure they’re still sexy as hell, but they are also sweet, domestic, and supportive. They still have fun in the bedroom, but they also cuddle on the couch sharing about their day and watching movies. Now, smiles and snuggles are just as important to them as mind-blowing passion in bed. This all encompassing romance is why we all keep rooting for them to make it to the end.

Oliver helped Connor become a better man.

There’s no denying that Connor was a total ass in the beginning. Selfish, arrogant, and a little shallow, he was only interested in getting to the top of Annalise’s class and sleeping with as many men as he could. He didn’t care who he had to step on or how many hearts he broke along the way. Then Oliver came into his life. He tried to fight it, but slowly Oliver got under his skin, knocking down the walls Connor had protecting his heart. He brought out the gentle caring side Connor kept buried underneath all that hair gel and looks of distain. For the first time, he had someone who made coming home every night worth it. He had someone he wanted to protect, care for, and treasure. He had some to love who loved him back. For the first time, he was truly happy. This newfound outlook on life even carried over into his professional life, where he actually made friends with his colleagues and took a more empathetic approach to his clients. He’s still got some growing up to do, but there’s no denying he’s miles away from the little boy he was in the pilot.

Connor pulled Oliver out of his shell.

Before Connor crossed his path, Oliver led a pretty boring life. Quiet and meek, he was an IT guy in Corporate America, who was unlucky in love and a doormat that people walked all over. He was just floating through his mundane life, lost and searching for something Maybe that’s why we’ve seen so much of Connor’s assertive attitude rub off on Oliver. From quitting his boring job to become an unofficial (well, now official) member of the Keating Five to telling Connor when’s he’s in the wrong, Oliver has found way more than his voice. He’s found a whole new lease on life in the last season, taking major risks and stepping way outside of his comfort zone. He’s got a new profession as a hacker, a whole new group of friends in the Keating Five, and a swagger he’s never had the confidence to rock until now. He’s even learned how to shut Connor down when he steps too far out of line. Oliver’s done letting other people run his life. He’s in charge of his own destiny now.

They’ve been to hell and back with each other.

From Connor’s involvement in two murders (and counting) to Oliver’s HIV diagnosis, these two have faced some serious issues of the course of two seasons. Most of these revelations would have sent most people running for the hills, but not those two. Things that would have ripped other couples apart have only served to strengthen their incredible bond. Connor’s been a seriously supportive partner, doing everything he can to ensure Oliver’s health as well as his own. Oliver done everything he possibly do to keep Connor out of the slammer as well as keep him alive. They have each other’s backs no matter how dark or traumatic the secret might be. Life may knock them down, but these two have proven time and again that they can weather any storm. These two are as ride or die as they come.

Here’s to hoping Connor’s not under the under the sheet, and these two can get a happily ever after. (Well, as close to that as you can get in Shondaland.)

shipping saturday connor oliver 2 (Image)


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