Shipping Saturday: Jason Street and Tim Riggins of “Friday Night Lights”

shipping saturday tim and jason 1 (Image)

While most people were probably concerned with which guy was going to end up with Lyla, I was much more concerned over the state of Friday Night Lights’ most epic BroTP between Jason Street and Tim Riggins. They were more than teammates on the field. They were more than just best friends. They were brothers. Yes, they were tested to their very core by Jason’s paralyzation and Tim’s betrayal with Jason’s girlfriend Lyla. Yet, while they were shaken by life, their bond couldn’t be broken.

Instead, they only came out stronger on the other side.

Here’s a few of the many reason why the friendship between Street and Riggins continues to be one of the most beloved relationships of the Friday Night Lights mythology.

It was all about the little moments.

Sure, Jason and Tim had some major milestone moments over the course of the show. (We’ll get to those in a minute.) However, it was always the little moments between them threaded throughout the series that really were the heart of their friendship. It meant something special when Tim called Jason “Six,” and when Tim was the only person Jason ever seemed to ask for during his hospital stay. It was laughs over beers, tears in hospital rooms and hallways, and quiet looks and glances that said more than words ever could. It was the way they could read each other like open books and see through the carefully designed facades that no one else dared to look beyond. It was these little things were what bonded them throughout the years both on they field and off, and truly defined their friendship.

They weren’t afraid to be real with each other.

Jason and Tim weren’t afraid to dole out a little tough love when the situation called for it. When Tim finally made his way to Jason’s bedside after several weeks of being MIA, Jason confronted him about not being there sooner, told him flat out that his grace period for being a crappy friend was over and that he needed his best friend by his side to get through his recovery. When Jason ran off to Mexico for a dangerous experimental procedure to heal his spinal cord, Tim was right on his heels, threatening to drag him home over his shoulder to prevent him from having to bring him home in a body bag. However, it wasn’t just about getting through to the other when one of them was spiraling. They also had many moments where they knew when one of them needed to how much he meant to the other, like when Jason told Tim that he was still his best friend despite everything they’d been through as the sun came up on the football field and when Tim told Jason he loved him like a brother after the big homecoming game. In their moments of desperation, the were a light for each other to make it through one step at a time.

They never gave up on each other.

Around town, Tim was the loser drunk who would never amount to anything, and Jason was the fallen quarterback who destroyed his future with one wrong tackle. No one believed in them, so Jason and Tim believed in each other. No matter how many stunts he pulled, Jason always knew Tim was a good man and a good player. He knew Tim was better than the hand he’d been dealt, and he put his heart into helping him score a scholarship. Even when they were at odds, Jason still tried to downplay Tim’s betrayal with the rest of the team to get them off his back. For his part, Tim never saw Jason as a broken trophy or a cautionary tale. No, he always knew Jason was stronger than that, a star that shone way too bright to be contained by Dillion’s city limits. From coaching to house flipping to being a father, he was a constant by Jason’s side, helping him plot a new course for the life he knew Jason deserved and to keep going when he wanted to quit. Apart they could be strong, but together these two were invincible.

“Texas forever.”

They were two little words, but, to Jason and Tim, they were everything. They words of solidarity at a pre game field party. They were words of forgiveness on a football field at sunrise. They were words of love and an undying brotherhood on a New Jersey sidewalk. Yes, they were to two little words, but, for these two, these words the embodiment of an unbreakable bond that would unite them for life.

Texas forever.

shipping saturday tim jason 2 (Image)


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