Shipping Saturday: The Ship Names of “Friday Night Lights” Couples

fnl group promo crouch (Image)

From OTPs and BroTPs to couples we wished we could have seen, Friday Night Lights is pretty much a shipper’s paradise. However, because of where it claims its place in television history before the explosion of social media, the show’s ship name game is pretty weak. Most, if not all, are either name/name or a strange name combo. Sure there are couple that work, but most just don’t.

So, for this week’s edition of Shipping Saturday, I decided try my hand at whipping up with some ship names fit for these epic love stories and friendships. Below is what I was able to come up with and a few I thought worked perfectly.

Tami and Coach

tami and coach kiss (Image)

Ship Name: Team Taylor

Why It Works: No matter what life seemed to throw their way, Tami and Coach were the solid, unshakeable unit we all wanted to be a part of. The show may have centered around football, but Tami and Coach were the real team we all rooted for.

Lyla and Tim

shipping saturday tim lyla 1 (Image)

Ship Name: Rarity

Why It Works: Intwined in  beautiful bond that was one part friendship and one part romance, these two had a relationship that was truly special. Sure, the name Tyla has made the rounds the last few years, but I think these two deserved something a little more fitting for this iconic couple. (Plus, I love how Riggins always referred to Lyla by her last name Garrity.)

Julie and Matt

shipping saturday matt julie 1 (Image)

Ship Name: Jaracen

Why It Works: Spanning all five seasons, we watched Matt and Julie grow from two clueless kids trying to figure out how love works to two mature young adults ready to walk down the aisle. A breath of innocence with the solidness of maturity, this is the kind of name they could grow into over the years.

Tyra and Landry

shipping saturday tyra landry 1 (Image)

Ship Name: Tandry

Why It Works: When it comes to surprise ships, no relationship fits the bill more than Tyra and Landry. One of the names I felt really worked, its that combination of strange and perfect that had so many rooting for this mismatched pair.

Lyla and Jason

shipping saturday lyla jason 1 (Image)

Ship Name: Jyla

Why It Works: When it comes to our favorite fallen QB and head cheerleader, the existing ship name suits them perfectly. It’s sweet and innocent like they were in the good moments, yet has that sense of something fleeting when we knew early on that weren’t meant to be.

Tyra and Tim

shipping saturday tim and tyra 1 (Image)

Ship Name: TSquared

Why it Works: Double the T names, double the trouble, and double the temper, Tyra and Tim were everything times two. It may have spelled disaster for love, but the BroTP that morphed into was simply a match made under the Texas stars.

Waverly and Smash

shipping saturday smash wavily (Image)

Ship Name: Waverlash

Why It Works: This was another established ship name I decided should stick around. No only did Waverly coin the moniker in an episode of the show, it has that cool feisty ring to it just like the push-and-pull relationship between Smash and his girl.

Mindy and Billy

shipping saturday billy mindy (Image)

Ship Name: Milly

Why It Works: Even though neither one was the known for being the smartest one in class, Mindy and Billy were able to figure something out their younger siblings couldn’t in the romance department. A little silly and completely sweet, the only name that fits is something light and airy as the feels watching their relationship unfold gave all of us viewers.

Becky and Luke

shipping saturday becky luke 1 (Image)

Ship Name: Lucky

Why It Works: With these two, I think this one needs no explanation.

Tyra and Jason

shipping saturday tyra jason 4 (Image)

Ship Name: Tason

Why It Works: When I think of Jason and Tyra, all I see is the friendship and the romance that could have been. For this ship that never sailed, something straightforward that rolls nice and easy off the tongue is the only thing that fits the bill. (For more Tason love, check out the Shipping Saturday column from last week.)

Matt and Landry

shipping saturday matt landry 1 (Image)

Ship Name: Mattland

Why It Works: This name sounds exactly like something Landry would have coined for them on Grandma Saracen’s porch. Completely quirky and a little awkward, it’s got that nerdy vibe that we loved about them and that little bit of that try-too-hard to be cool that always made go awww.

Jason and Tim

shipping saturday tim and jason 1 (Image)

Ship Name: Thirty-Six

Why It Works: On the field and off, Jason and Tim had were more than just friends and teammates. They were brothers. Nothing honors their brotherhood better than a combination of the jersey numbers they donned in battle and united them for life.



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