Shipping Saturday: Tyra Collette and Jason Street of “Friday Night Lights”

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She was the wild child no one could contain, who was hellbent on making her mark on the world. He was the beloved quarterback that a small Texas town worshipped, who suffered a tragic injury on the field that left him paralyzed. Together, Tyra Collette and Jason Street are my Friday Night Lights ship that never got a chance to sail.

Like many other storylines on the show, it seems like the writers were laying the groundwork for them to at least be a killer BroTP with the potential for something more before dropping the idea midway through season one. However, there’s no denying the natural chemistry that existed between the actors or the unspoken history that seemed to be between the two characters. They are classic opposites attract couple with twist. Sure, I know they never actually happened, but that doesn’t stop me from rooting for them every time I do a rewatch of the show.

Here are few reasons why Tyra and Jason are my top Friday Night Lights ship.

They were both screwed over by their partners.

Both Tyra and Jason were royally screwed over when Tim and Lyla decided to start screwing each other. Tyra and Tim’s relationship was barely cold, and Jason thought his and Lyla’s relationship was still red hot. So, what are scorned lovers supposed to do? Well, in the show, Jason eventually took Lyla back and Tyra sort of took back Tim. However, I wish Jason and Tyra could have kicked their cheating partners to the curb and managed to find solace in each other. They understood the pain and the betrayal left behind in the wake of the affair in a way no else could have. Imagine the bond that could have been formed between them and the relationship that could been if only the writers had gone down that road. Plus, it would have been a little bit of just desserts for the two people who hurt them the most.

Jason needed someone who could help him embrace his new life.

Up until he was paralyzed, Jason was the picture perfect golden boy of Dillion, TX. He was the perfect son, the perfect quarterback, and the perfect boyfriend. His life was as wholesome and all-American as a tall glass of milk. After the accident, Jason went through a serious identity crisis, trying to redefine who he was while still somewhat shackled to his previous life. Sure, he joined a badass quad rugby team, got a tattoo, and found a new group of rough and rowdy friends. Yet, it seemed everyone around him, namely Lyla, seemed to be very quick to try and shove him back into life that no longer existed for him. Jason desperately needed someone who understood he fundamentally changed, and I really think Tyra was one of the few people who could have handled it. Unlike everyone else, she didn’t expect him to be perfect, and, on an occasion or two, she teased  him about shaking up his diet with a milkshake every once in a while. It is easy to picture her seamlessly fitting into his new life and running with his new crowd. In fact, she’d probably be the first one encouraging him to embrace it.

Tyra needed an equal.

Hands down, Tyra was one of the fiercest females on Friday Night Lights. She was beautiful, smart, outspoken, and perceptive. Despite having been hurt in the past, she cared deeply for her family and friends, and she never hesitated to take up for those who couldn’t defend themselves. She was constantly trying to defy others’ expectations of her, and she was determined to make something of herself. She need a supportive partner who could stand next to her as an equal. Tim held her back from really flying, and, at times, their relationship was pretty toxic and destructive. Landry was sweet, but a little too sweet to really handle someone as fiery as Tyra.  However, it always seemed like she met her match in Jason. He had the perfect blend of stubbornness and sweetness she needed in a mate. He proved on more than one occasion that she couldn’t get to him as easily as she could with other people. Yet, he brought a deep understanding of what it was like to plot a new course in life despite what others thought. He was strong enough to hold her up not hold her down.

“Here’s to real friends in Texas.”

One of the biggest reasons I ship Tyra and Jason together is the deep friendship they had in the first several episodes of season one. (Again, something the writers started and then seemed to just drop.) During the dark days after Jason’s accident, Tyra was one of the few who really stood by him in her own way. Not only did she shut down a group of Panthers groupies, she tried to get an MIA Tim to go see his best friend in in the hospital, and, when she couldn’t, she actually apologized on Tim’s behalf. She felt genuinely upset about what happened, but she never pitied him. Rather, she tried to cheer him up. There was that gentle comforting kiss on the cheek in rehab, and, of course, there was night of the away they drowned their sorrows in alcohol. Jason seemed to have mutual respect for Tyra, seeing her as someone he could count on. When the conversation during their little rehab party for two turns serious and he tells her they are real friends, you can feel the unbreakable bond that exists there, the history between them, and the pure years old friendship that has continued to endure.

They may not have been official, but they’ll always be my ship. Long live real friends in Texas.

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