Shadowhunter Tuesday: Life Lessons from Simon Lewis

simon lewis collage 1 (Image)

Is there any way to make us not love Simon Lewis? Sure, he’s not the fastest, strongest, or most skilled fighter, and he most definitely does not have Jace’s swagger or ability to perfectly pull off a leather jacket no matter what time of day. Yet, our hearts belong to the geeky guy with a heart of gold. While the other guys are busy brooding and saving the world, our favorite mundie-turned-vamp is busy slaying evil with his mind, his music, and quirky charm.

Want to infuse some of his signature coolness in your own life? Here are the ten life lessons we can all learn from Mr. Simon Lewis.

1. You are not a nerd. You are an intellectual badass.

2. Know the power of brains over brawn.

3. Best friends can sometimes be more like family than your actual blood.

4. There is an art to dropping some serious pop culture knowledge.

5. The most beautiful love finds you when you’re pinning over someone else.

6. Don’t settle on mediocre band name. Not feeling it? Change it.

7. There is no shame in being saved by someone else every so often. 

8. Never let yourself be defined by other people’s stereotypes or expectations.

9. Own you awkwardness. It makes you unique.

10. Rock out like no one’s watching.


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