Shipping Saturday: Endgame Roundup for “Pretty Little Liars”

pol season 7a poster (Image)

Well, Pretty Little Liars fans the day we’ve been dreading is almost upon us. As we come to the end of season 7A, we are one step closer to the final chapter of the stories of Hanna, Spencer, Emily, Alison, and Aria. For seven seasons, we’ve watched them fall in and out of love, be tortured by A, turn into skilled detectives, and, on occasion, fight for their lives. Now, we’re getting closer to the end of the mystery, we’re getting closer to uncovering who has been pulling the A strings this whole time.

However, there may be one question even more important than figuring out who A.D. is: Which ships are going to sail and which ships are destined to sink. For this week’s Shipping Saturday, I decided to share some of the ships I would love to see in the end. I’ll admit that several are pretty controversial, and some fans may not agree with my picks. That’s okay. In fact, I encourage you to share your thoughts below. I want to hear what couples you’re rooting for and why.

With that said, here are the dream endgame relationships I would like to see at the end of the Pretty Little Liars journey. Most probably won’t even make it beyond the dock, but a girl can always dream.

Emily and Alison

shipping saturday emily ali 1 (Image)

Neither Emily nor Alison have been lucky in the love over the years. They both have long lists of ex-lovers that have either died, threatened their lives, or simply went insane. However, these two have always been safe harbors for each other when they haver been trapped in the eye of an A storm. The closest of all the girls, Emily carried a torch for Ali for years, and Ali has admitted on multiple occasions stated Emily was her favorite out of all the girls. With a steamy hook up in the show’s 100th episode, a flirtatious past, and a current connection they both can’t seem to ignore, it looks like this may be one ship that just might sail off into the sunset. Maybe they’ll even make it to Paris one day.

Hanna and Lucas

shipping saturday hanna lucas 1 (Image)

When it comes to who should be the one to win Hanna’s heart, I want to say Caleb, but more and more I’m rooting for Lucas to come out on top. Despite her their intense chemistry and long history, Caleb’s recent relationship with Spencer has made things super awkward between both him and Hanna and Hanna and Spencer. It just feels like it’s time for Hanna to get fresh start with another guy who’s not Caleb. Enter Lucas. He’s always been the guy who’s had Hanna’s back. He believes in her and sees the best in her even when she can’t see it in herself. In addition to giving her palace to stay and the chance to achieve her fashion dreams, he’s always put her happiness first, even stepping aside when he saw how happy Caleb made her in the past. Lucas is just a good guy, and Hanna deserves a good guy. She may not have been ready for him before, but she is now.

Mona and Caleb

shipping saturday mona caleb 1 (Image)

If Hanna were to choose Lucas in the end, then I would want to see Mona and Caleb give it a shot. These former enemies and reluctant allies have more in common than one would think. They both highly intelligent, tech savvy, pretty morally ambiguous, and I’m pretty sure they will be eventually tapped by the CIA if they haven’t been already. Sure, they antagonize each other to know end, but, when they get on the same page, it’s like they are operating from the same brain. Mona and Caleb have already proven that they can work together when it comes top Hanna, so maybe they could find a way to work through their differences to find they’re not as different as they thought. Hey, sometimes the most beautiful things are to be found in the most unexpected places.

Aria and Jason

shipping saturday jason aria 1 (Image)

Truth be told, I’ve never been a fan of Aria’s relationship with Ezra. In addition to never being able get past the fact that he was her teacher, I always thought they were one of the most boring couples on the show with very little chemistry. I’ve rooted for every other guy she’s been with, but Jason has always been my favorite. There’s just something intriguing about the idea of Aria for her best friend’s older brother. He was the bad boy screwup who never could get his family’s approval, while Aria was the girl who did everything she could to not fit in. After years of only seeing her as Ali’s friend, Jason slowly realized that Aria isn’t that little girl with the pink hair anymore. There is just something that draws these two together. No matter how many years pass, they always seem to get tangled back up in each other. Now, that it looks like they may have hooked up during the five-year gap, Jason has cleaned his life up, and Aria has grown up, maybe these two misfits will get a real shot at love.

Spencer and Herself

shipping saturday spencer hastings (Image)

Screw Team Spoby and Team Spaleb, I’m all about rooting for Team Spencer. Time and again, Spencer has gotten burned by every guy she’s let into her life. Yet, through all the tears and heartbreak, she’s discovered an inner-strength that has allowed her to stand on her own. Spencer doesn’t need a guy to pine over nor does she have the time. She’s way too busy trying to take down A.D., saving the day, and trying to plan her post-Rosewood life. She’s too fierce and fabulous to be tied down to a guy from her past.  Let the others worry about rings and dresses. Spencer will just be over there plotting her course for world domination.


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