Shadowhunter Tuesday: Life Lessons from Alec Lightwood

alec lightwood collage 1 (Image)

Just like his kid sister Izzy and his parabatai Jace, Alec Lightwood a kickass shadowhunter in his own right. Logical, obedient, and a little too rigid at times, Alec takes his role as the oldest and defacto leader of the New York Institute very seriously to the point where the others accuse him of being an old-fashioned stick in the mud. However, Alec is only the way he is, because he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, and he cares so deeply for the ones he loves that he can’t bear to see them get hurt. He stays in control so the others can have the freedom to take the risks they want. When the world spins out of control, he’s the rock everyone can count on.

Here are the ten life lessons we can learn from our favorite brooding archer.

1. A little brooding and sarcasm never hurt anyone.

2. Know when you need to lead with your head and when to lead with your heart.

3. Don’t doubt your own abilities. You are so much stronger than you know.

4. Break noses and accept the consequences.

5. Protect the ones you love and always have their backs no matter what. They appreciate it even if they don’t always show it.

6. Have no shame in your squad mom game.

7. Know it’s okay to be yourself no matter what anyone else wants you to be.

8. Respect the rules, but don’t lose yourself in them.

9. Never be too stubborn to admit when you’ve made mistakes or too proud to make them right.

10. Sometimes, you just need to take a leap of faith, and give into love. You never know where you’ll find it.


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