Shipping Saturday: Christina Morales and Garrett Hawthorne of “American Gothic”

garrett and christina 1 (Image)

On the surface, the CBS summer genre American Gothic doesn’t seem like a show that would be a hotbed for romance. After all, it’s a show about trying to figure out which member of a high-powered Boston family is really a cold-blooded serial killer known aka the infamous Silver Bells Killer (SBK).

Then again, Garrett Hawthorne and Christina Morales aren’t exactly your ordinary love affair. Let’s just say their more Beauty and the Beast than Cinderella. He’s the immediate family member of SBK (and could be the killer himself), and she’s the daughter of SBK’s final victim. She’s warm and open, and he’s as prickly as a cactus. There is so much wrong with these two, but, for inexplicable reason, they are just so right for each other in a twisted sort of way.

Here are the reasons why Garrett and Christina are the odd couple worth rooting for.

Both of their lives were forever changed by SBK.

Directly linked to the crimes, both Christina and Garrett were profoundly impacted by the SBK murders. The daughter of the killer’s final victim, Christina is haunted by her father’s brutal death. Instead of falling into a pit of despair, she channeled her energy in becoming a doctor and running her own clinic for the underprivileged. Meanwhile, Garrett, under the weight of massive family secrets surrounding SBK, fled his childhood home for backwoods of New England. He spent long years living off the grid in a sort of penance for whatever dark things he witnessed or perhaps even committed during the SBK era. Though they were on opposite sides of the murders, they understand the emotional damage that continues to linger from these tragic events, and they could potentially help each other work through the remaining heartbreak and pain they are still dealing with.

Christina sees past Garrett’s gruff exterior.

Despite his posh upbringing, Garrett isn’t exactly the most polished person in the world. He’s got more edges than a piece of broken glass and a personality that’s about as far from warm and fuzzy as you can get. He’s moody, standoffish, blunt, and lacks some serious social graces. It’s a good thing Christina doesn’t scare easy. She’s a girl who likes a challenge. Maybe it’s her chosen profession or the fact she’s experienced her own tragic pain, but she sees through Garrett’s Mr. Tough Guy persona right through to the gentle soul even his family can’t always see. She’s determined to break down the walls he got surrounding heart. Sure, he may act like irritable grizzly bear, but she knows he’s just teddy bear underneath.

She took him by surprise.

All Garrett wanted to know was that Christina’s life turned out okay despite her father’s murder. He wasn’t looking for love or even a drunken hookup. He just wanted to get close enough to for himself that everything worked out for her then get the hell out of dodge. Yet, he didn’t count on Christina’s kind open heart when she stitched up his hand, nor did he expect her to be observant and clever enough to make him at the bar when he was tailing her. She worked her way under his skin with her quick wit, bright smile, and couple cold beers. No, Garrett didn’t go out looking for love, but when you find an angel willing to dance with the devil, you can’t help but fall. He never stood a chance against her.

They just might be the most stable pairing in the Hawthorne clan.

Mommy dearest offed daddy dearest. Sister Alison and her husband Tom can’t seem to stopping cheating on each other. Younger brother Cam and his druggie estranged wife Sophie are about as toxic foreach other as their shared addictions, while baby sis Tessa and her husband Brady are so far from being on the same page that they aren’t even reading the same book. Meanwhile, despite his secret keeping and her whole I’m-going-to-stab-you-because-the-cops-told-me-you-killed-my-dad thing, Christina and Garrett actually may be the closest thing to a normal relationship in the Hawthorne family. Garrett only wants the best for Christina and wants to protect her from anything he can even if she doesn’t always understand his motives. Yes, they have some pretty big issues to work through, but, compared to all the crazy around them, their plight actually doesn’t seem all that bad.

Right now, things may seem a little rocky between these two, but, if anyone can find their way back to each other, it’s Garrett and Christina.

garrett and christina 2  (Image)


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