Shadowhunter Tuesday: The Many Memes of Magnus Bane

magnus in chair (Image)

When it comes to all the characters in Cassandra Clare’s world, there is no character more beloved than Mangus Bane. Feisty, fearless, and fabulous, the High Warlock of Brooklyn knows how to get the party started, execute some seriously dangerous spells, and subdue even the most challenging of foes with  the perfectly timed comeback.

Because he’s pretty much the most awesome Downworlder around, here are some sassy Magnus Bane memes even the warlock himself would love.

Because you know there is only one fictional ruler of sparkle and shine

magnus meme 1 (Image)

For when you’re feeling a little dangerous

magnus meme 2 (Image)

How to win any argument the Magnus way

magnus meme 3 (Image)

For when you’re really feeling your age

magnus meme 4 (Image)

Because they will never take your shine

magnus meme 5 (Image)

 He’s Magnus and you know it

magnus meme 6 (Image)

And a little sass from Alec because you know he’s got what Magnus wants

alec meme magnus (Image)


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