Shipping Saturday: Kaley and Patrick Ryan from “Guilt”

ship saturday kaley and patrick guilt 1 (Image)

Ever since he learned of the brutal murder of his sister Molly on Freeform’s Guilt, Irishman Patrick Ryan has been on a mission to bring whoever killed her to justice. He’s been on the warpath hunting for any clue that might bring him closer to the answers he seeks. However, for weeks, it seemed he was spinning himself in circles, chasing leads that only led to dead ends with clues that made little sense.

That is until a mysterious Irish girl crosses his path on the dance floor of a London nightclub. A drink, a dance, and the recognition of her unique necklace is all it takes for Kaley to shove Patrick down the rabbit hole of exclusively secret high-end sex clubs and London’s elite where his sister held Kaley’s current position as the favorite call girl of the powerful Gentleman 33.

With each new secret he uncovers about Molly, the more Patrick’s world is tilted on its axis and the more he finds himself drawn to Kaley. His key into this mysterious world, she gives him insight into the life Molly led and just who may have had a reason to end it. Yet, her assistance comes with a price: a threat on her life. As the danger closes in on them, Patrick and Kaley are only driven closer together, realizing they must rely on each other in order to survive. As passion ignites  and tensions rise, Kaley just might get Patrick to give up his most closed off possession: His heart.

Here’s a few reasons why Patrick and Kaley are the ship to watch on Guilt.

Kaley reminds Patrick of Molly.

Patrick has a bit of a savior complex when it comes the pretty redhead. When Patrick looks at Kaley, you easily tell he sees the sister he lost, a young Irish girl caught up in a world of sex and mystery that can wipe her out with one swift move. Even though she can’t see it, he knows she’s way in over her head. He feels responsible for life since her loyalty to him put her directly in the line of fire. If it were in his power, he’d give her the life she deserves away from the one one she currently lives. In his eyes, she’s an innocent girl in need of protection, someone that needs to be taken care of and loved. Patrick couldn’t save Molly, but just maybe he can save Kaley.

Kaley has proven herself to be a worthy partner in crime.

Although she may look all sweet and innocent, Kaley has proven time and again that she has what it takes to keep up with Patrick’s wild side. Her quick thinking and cunning ways have bailed him out of a jam more than once, like when she pretended he was her client in order to the fool the guards at the secretive high-end sex club where she and Molly worked and when she double crossed her boss in order for Patrick to escape after he stole delicate information. Sometimes, she’s so good at the art of the double-cross you wonder who’s side she is really on. It seems like she really is in Patrick’s corner. Let’s just hope she stays there.

Let’s face it: Danger is sexy.

The thing that really makes Kaley and Patrick the most intriguing is the dangerous edge that permeates their relationship. Patrick a loaded gun bound to go off at any second, while Kaley is mystery wrapped inside an enigma that no one can quite figure out. He’s the match, she’s the spark, and they’re playing with some serious fire. There either going to get seriously burned or burn the entire city of London to the ground. It’s only a matter of time before they going up in flames. Whether they are flames of passion or betrayal remains to be seen.

Here’s to seeing what trouble these crazy kids stir up next. As Kaley and Patrick would say: Sláinte!

kaley and patrick gif 1 (Image)


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