Shadowhunter Tuesday: Life Lessons from Isabelle Lightwood

isabelle lightwood collage (Image)

Is there any shadowhunter lady more badass than Isabelle Lightwood? She’s hell in heels, heartbreak in red lipstick, and the queen of the Malec ship. The only girl in a family of boys, she knows how to hold her own when things get messy. She kicks ass, takes names and still has time to drive her brother Alec crazy all without breaking a nail.

Want infuse a little bit of Izzy into your everyday life? Here the ten cardinal rules every Lightwood girl should live by.

1. Be pure of heart. It repels dirt. 

2. Know your worth even when other don’t.

3. Stand up for what you believe in even if you have to stand alone.

4. Know that hearts are breakable, but don’t let that stop you from finding love.

5. Smart is sexy and brains are beautiful.

6. Don’t wait to be saved. Do the saving.

7. Know the power of the perfectly executed outfit.

8. Stay fiercely loyal to the people you care about, and help them see the best in themselves.

9. Remember it’s more fun to break the rules than to follow them.

10. Nothing less than seven inches.


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