Shipping Saturday: Eddie Janko and Jamie Reagan of “Blue Bloods”

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Viewers can see it. Pretty much every member of the Reagan family can see it. At this point, I’m pretty sure the guy they buy their daily coffee from can see it. It seems everyone in the Blue Bloods universe can see that Eddie Janko is perfect girl for our favorite beat cop Jamie Reagan.

Well, everyone that is except for Eddie and Jamie.

For the last few seasons, we’ve watched Jamie and Eddie dance around the fact that they are completely into each other. They get close enough to where you think things are finally going to happen only for one or both to pull back. Sure, as partners on the beat, it may no be exactly prudent for them to hookup, but you know they both want it just as much as us viewers want to see it happen. They are the slow-burn ship we can’t wait to see burst into flames of full-blown passion.

Here are a few reasons why Eddie and Jamie are the Blue Bloods OTP we want to see.

Eddie doesn’t fit Jamie’s usual type.

From his failed engagement to his short-lived flings over the years, it pretty clear that Jamie Reagan has a very clear type: rich, refined, and Ivy League. Despite her privileged background, Eddie is everything these ladies were not. She talks too fast and eats too much junk, rocks jeans and leather jackets off-duty and tosses back beers in cop bars like she’s one of the guys. A much-need breath of fresh air in his life, Eddie pushes Jamie out of his comfort zone. She challenges his straight-laced nature, convincing him to take a few risks and try bending a rule or two every once in a while. Most importantly, as a fellow cop, Eddie understands the risks and rewards that come with being in law enforcement. She gets tolls the job takes and knows that there are moments that fundamentally change a person. Unlike the ones who came before her, Eddie can give Jamie the safe harbor he’s been searching for.

They have an awesome friendship.

If there is any truth to the saying the best lovers start off as friends, Jamie and Eddie are destined for happily ever after. Over the last few seasons, we have watched them evolve from merely partners at work to best friends. In the confines of their patrol car, they banter. They bicker. They just listen when the other needs to vent. Fiercely protective of one another, Eddie’s earned a reputation for being a bit of a mama bear when Jamie’s backed up against a wall, while Jamie has been known to ride to Eddie’s rescue when she’s gotten in over her head on an assignment. They completely trust in each other’s abilities, but they can’t bear the thought of the other one being in pain. However, the beauty of their relationship it doesn’t end when their shift ends and extends way beyond the typical happy hour drinks. They’ve supported each other a some of their hardest moments, like when Jamie stood by Eddie when she confronted her father in jail and was the victim of an assault and when Eddie returned the favor when Jamie was the target of a crazed killer. They know that sometimes showing up for binge-watching with takeout and a shoulder to cry on says everything that needs to be said.

Eddie would totally fit in with the Reagan family.

Eddie definitely has what it takes to be a member of the Reagan clan. With her feisty personality and easy-going presence, it’s easy to see her a the famous Sunday dinner table breaking bread and discussing the issues of the week. She’s got enough spunk to go toe-to-toe with Danny, wit to trade barbs with Henry, and  youthfulness to relate to Nicki, Jack and Sean. She is cut from the same cloth as Erin, Linda, and all the Reagan women that have come before her, and you can see the joy in Frank’s eyes when speaks about her as if he can tell his son’s heart has found its other half. Plus, she’s the only girl to ever get the Reagan seal of approval, and Jamie hasn’t even officially brought her around yet.

They get jealous.

Want to see the romantic tension between really flare up between Jamie and Eddie? Watch any episode where one of them has a date. Whether’s it is Eddie getting asked out by Jamie’s old friend or Jamie getting dinner with a pretty doctor, the minute another potential love interest is introduced for either one things get really awkward really quick. All of a sudden, their easy banter becomes stilted. They steal forlorn glances when the other isn’t looking. They start dancing around the giant elephant in the room. Despite encouraging the date with playful teasing, you know desperately want to say what they are feeling for the other, but they don’t. They care too much about each other to stand in the way of the other’s happiness. Yet, when the date crashes and burns, they can’t help but feel an immense amount of relief knowing the competition has been defeated.

That kiss.

Jamie had more sparks with Eddie during their tipsy tryst than he’s had with any other lady he’s been with. With heat like that, it’s only a matter of time before their slow ignites into a full-blown fiery passion.

Here’s hoping that this is Jamie and Eddie’s season.

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