Etsy Finds: The Scents of the Shadowhunter World

idris is home (Image)

Time and time again, I’m marveled by the creativity of those in the Shoadowhunters fandom on Etsy. From steeles and jewelry to tees and fan art, you can find just about anything and everything  you need to bring the shadow world into your world. Now, you can add smells along with the sights with an array of candles inspired by the people and places in Cassandra Clare’s books. Earthy and heavenly all at once, these scents awaken our mundane minds and let us drift away to a place where Downworlders dwell, heroes are born, and where the hottest boys rock runes and black leather. Hey, they say smell is one of our most powerful and alluring senses.

Here are a few of some of the beautiful candles every shadowhunter needs in her home.

1. Will Herondale Candle

The embodiment hunts on misty London nights, blend of smokey black tea and fresh rain is perfect for any girl who has wished the brooding British Will Herondale of The Infernal Devices was real.

will candle (Will Herondale Inspired Candle, $14.50, TheMeltingLibrary)

2. A Candle Izzy Would Approve Of

If we could step into Izzy’s room, it would probably smell like this sultry blend of blood orange, black rose, and smoky wood

shadowhunter candle 1 (Shadowhunters Little Black Dress Scented Candle, $8.00, Letitburncandles)

3. The Institute Greenhouse aka Clace’s Place

Relive one of the most beloved Clary and Jace moments with midnight flowers, green plants, and dirt inspired by the greenhouse at the New York Institute.

the greenhouse candle (The Greenhouse Shadowhunters Candle, $16.50, IntheWickofTime)

4. The Angelic Candle

Invoke the heavenly spirit of the nephilim with this angelic blend of vanilla and rose mixed with a hint of lavender and jasmine.

shadowhunters candle 2 (Shadowhunters Soy Candle, $11.00, FromthePage)

5. The Parabatai Candle

Celebrate all of your favorite parabatai bonds with the earthy notes of the outdoors, storms, the forest, and hints of citrus.

parabatai candle (Parabatai Lady Midnight Candle, $11.00, NovellyYours)

6. The Simply Scented Shadowhunters Candle

This blend of florals and citrus is probably something Clary would love to light in her art studio.

shadowhunter candle 3 (Shadowhunters Soy Candle, $14.00, HalfOakCandles)

7. The Idris Candle

Let this mix of mountain spring water, meadow flowers and fresh grass transport you to the majestic rolling hills of the shadowhunter homeland Idris.

idris candle (Idris Inspired Candle, $14.50, TheMeltingLibrary)


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