A Salute to the Lesser Known Ships of the “Shadowhunters” World

malec clace sizzy (Image)

If there is one thing we in the Shadowhunters fandom can agree on it is that we love our ships. We’re crazy about the complicated Clace, get serious feels from all the subtly sexy moments between Sizzy, and may have broken Twitter a time or two with #Malec anything. However, while Clace, Sizzy, and Malec are the most popular and beloved ships, there are so many other ships that our giving readers and viewers serious feels. Sure, many of these relationships may never make it out of the fanfic and Tumblr world, but that doesn’t make the warm and fuzzy feelings they create any less real.

In honor of the launch of the new column Shipping Saturday, here’s a little love for some of the ships that sometimes get overlooked in the Shadow World.

(Note: I’m only focusing on ships that contain characters that appeared on screen in season one of Shadowhunters. Don’t want to spoil anything for those who may be reading the books for the first time.)


For being one of the more secondary ships of the Shadowhunters universe, Clary and Simon aka Climon have quite a following, and it’s easy to see why. They know each other inside and out with an intimacy that only comes from being lifelong best friends. As their worlds simultaneously fall apart, they provide a stabilizing comfort for each other, a light in an ever-darkening world.  They’re a puppies and rainbows kind of sweet that makes them pretty easy to root for, and, if the season finale was any indication, we just may get to see this adorable duo get a shining moment.


There’s no denying that Alec and Jace are one kickass BroTP, but there are those out there who ship them as more than just friends. Much like Climon, the appeal of Jalec comes from the fact that these two are best friends and parabatai, united in a sacred bond to live, fight, and die for each other. Pretty intense, right? Plus, there is also the sexy allure of forbidden attraction as parabatai cannot be involved romantically and the Clave’s disapproval of same-sex relationships. Add in the amazing onscreen chemistry between Dominic Sherwood and Matthew Daddario, and you just may find yourself coming over to the Jalec dark side. (I might see you there.)


One of the few established relationships on the show, the pairing of Meliorn and Izzy is quite an interesting one. I’ll admit I’m not really a fan of Meliorn, but I love the different sides he brings out of Izzy. At first, it seems like it’s only about sex and rebellion between these two, but, as the weeks went on, a much deeper connection between them came to light. Izzy was willing to risk her life to save him from the Clave, even going as far as to betray her brother. He gives Izzy a dog in the fight of the bringing about unification in the Shadow World, forcing her to mature and embrace her place as a future lead. I do’t think they have much of a future next season, but they were fun while they lasted.


Simon and Raphael were definitely one of the odder pairings I stumbled upon. I believe this pairing stems from the fact that vampire politics are just plain sexy. As Simon’s sire, Raphael’s blood is what transformed him from an ordinary teen into a Downworlder, bonding them in the most intimate of ways. Raphael genuinely does look after Simon, and, despite his prickly persona, he does come to his aid when he is called upon. However, it’s not all doom and gloom between these two. They both bring some serious sparring skills to the table and have spent many a scene trying to outdo the other with their verbal superiority. With all this never-ending tension, it’s easy why they are quickly becoming a popular alternate universe ship.


Much like Clary and Simon, I have feeling Lace may happen in season two. They shared a pretty intense moment during the fallout of the almost wedding last season when Jace reminded Lydia that she would always have a place at the Institute, and I think that they could be good for each other for a while. Jace needs someone who can reel him in when he goes too far, and, as pretty much the female version of Alec, Lydia needs someone who get get under her skin and break through her ever-serious shell. Even though I’m fully Team Clace, I’m really curious to see where these two go.


Perhaps the oddest ship in the Shadowhunters world, I’ve discovered several fanfics that center around the pairing of Clary and Alec. Set up as rivals in a battle for Jace’s affection and attention, these two built a relationship on getting under each other’s skin. They may have just met, but they know exactly what buttons to push to rile the other one up. Yet, despite their seemingly mutual dislike and distrust, they develop an unlikely kinship over the course of the season. Clary helps Alec find a way to be comfortable in his own skin, while he provides her with steady support when Jace crosses to the dark side with Valentine. I can see why some see budding romance under all that, but I think their true ship lies in them becoming one seriously kickass BroTP next season.


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