Get Ready for Shipping Saturdays!

OTP definition (Image)

Hey everyone!

I’m so excited to announce the newest edition to the Will Write For Boots universe: Shipping Saturday.

In this new weekly column, I’ll explore a fictional pairing from the page or screen that I personally love, am fascinated by, or, in some cases, can’t understand why they exist. There will be OTPs and BroTPs, ships I wish had sailed and NoTPs I wish that just hadn’t, and, of course, those pairings that can only be described as #RelationshipGoals. It’s a weekly dose of all the feels you’re craving. Maybe, you’ll even discover a new ship to hop aboard.

I’m also looking forward to hearing from all of you. Comment on the posts. Tweet me your opinions. One of the best things about shipping is connecting with others in the fandom world.

Let’s face it this world could use a little more love in it even if it is the fictional kind.

Check back Saturday for the first installment!


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