Discover Your Shadowhunter Name Part 2

what's your shadowhunter last name (Image)

Last week, it was all about finding out your first and last shadowhunter names. In part two of our shadowhunter name games, it’s time to discover what your family name would be.

All you have to do is pick the first initial of your first name from column one. Then pick the  first initial of your last name and put them together. For example, my first name starts with “S” and my last name starts with “K.” So, My shadowhunter surname would be Crystalsword.

Now it’s your turn. Which shadow family do you belong to?

First Letter of Your First Name

  • A- Young
  • B- Cart
  • C- Dawn
  • D- High
  • E- Trush
  • F- Heron
  • G- Ash
  • H- Merry
  • I- Light
  • J- Blue
  • K- Belle
  • L- Fair
  • M- Battle
  • N- Adler
  • O- Car
  • P- White
  • Q- Raven
  • R- Pen
  • S- Crystal
  • T- Grey
  • U- Morgen
  • V- Dark
  • W- Stark
  • X- Way
  • Y- Black
  • Z- Night

First Letter of Your Last Name

  • A- Eye
  • B- Wright
  • C- Dale
  • D- Blood
  • E- Tower
  • F- Cross
  • G- Wood
  • H- Strider
  • I- Weather
  • J- Child
  • K- Sword
  • L- Fleur
  • M- Stairs
  • N- Tail
  • O- Tree
  • P- Scar
  • Q- Free
  • R- Hallow
  • S- Chase
  • T- Shade
  • U- Mark
  • V- Land
  • W- Rail
  • X- Well
  • Y- Stern
  • Z- Wine



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