Wise Words of Country Girls: Perfectly Imperfect

country girls 3 (Image)

It’s easy to get caught up in everything you think you’re not. We’re constantly bombarded with images of stick-thin celebrities with perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect skin, perfect wardrobes, and, well, perfect everything. It can make it really hard for a girl to look at herself in the mirror and truly love the image staring back at her.

However, strip away the airbrushing, the filters and the Photoshopping from your favorite cover girls, and you’ll always find a myriad of imperfections. They’re just hidden bend the fake facade mainstream media is always trying to get us to buy into. Perfect and flawless simply do not exist.

Embrace the things that make you unique whether it be your freckles, the gap in your teeth, your height, or your curves. These little things are what make you truly beautiful. Work what you got. Own what sets you apart. It’s all in the way you carry yourself. Trust me, the right people will always take notice.

Forget fake.

Real is beautiful.


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