Wise Words of Country Girls

country girls 1 (Image)

I may live in the Northeast and dream of living in the big city, but there’s a part of me that all country girl. A small-town girl who loves the ballads and party anthems of Nashville and beleives Tammi Taylor is my spirit animal, I’ve always been drwan to the duality of ladylike grace and total badassness that country women so perfectly exude. In this world, you’re allowed to love pretty dresses, makeup, and falling in love while still being strong, smart, and getting a little dirt under your nails. Deep down, don’t we all love bonfires, starry nights, and guys that give forehead kisses?

This month it’s all about the wise words curated especially for the girls who live in their blue jeans, blast their Sam Hunt and Carrie Underwood, and fall for guys like Riggins, Street or Saracen from Friday Night Lights no matter where they reside.

My boots may be Dr. Martens, but my soul is all open skies, small-town days, and tailgate nights.

Because country isn’t a look. It’s a way of life.


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