Etsy Finds: “Friday Night Lights”

friday night lights poster (Image)

For some, football is all about the NFL on Monday nights, but, for this girl, it’s all about the lights on a Friday night. I’ve recently been binge-watching the first season of Friday Night Lights on Netflix, and I have to say I’m officially hooked. High drama and emotion beautifully shot against the backdrop of high-stakes Texas football, this show has a lot of heart. Unlike most teen shows, this one puts most of its focus on the incredible bonds that form between friends, family and teammates. Every character has a purpose and depth, and their journeys and experiences feel much closer to the realistic things we’ve all been through.

Since I’m currently obsessed with the show, I decided to check out Etsy and see if there were other  fans who loved it as much as I do. Etsy did not disappoint. Even though it went off the air in 2011, the love for Friday Night Lights, Coach Taylor, and Riggins, Saracen, and the rest of the players still lives on.

Want to show your Dillon Panthers pride? Check out these amazing products inspired by Friday Night Lights available exclusively on Etsy.

1. Tim Riggins Tote

Let the world know that Riggins has your heart.

tim riggins tote (Riggins Forever Tote, $15.00, WinonaForever)

2. Dillion Panthers Hoodie

Show some Panther pride.

dillon panthers hoodie (7 Dillon Panthers Hoodie, $24.99, Customtopshops)

3. Clear Eyes. Full Heart. Can’t Lose Hand-stamped Necklace or Bracelet

The perfect ways to remind yourself you can do anything if you just believe in yourself.

friday night lights necklace (Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can’t Lose Necklace, $20.00, PrettyLittleThingsKB)

friday night lights bracelet (Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can’t Lose Bracelet, $20.00, wishingwillowmetal)

4. Name Tee

Show some love to your favorite Texas guys.

friday night lights name tee (Friday Night Lights Names Tee, $25.00, MamaGlitter)

5. Inspirational Card Set

The Taylors always knew just what to say.


friday night lights card set (Deluxe Friday Night Lights Greeting Card Set, $15.00, EartherealDesign)

6. Everything I Know About Football Print

Let’s face it: Friday Night Lights pretty much taught us everything we know about the game.

friday night lights football print (Everything I Know About Football I Learned From Friday Night Lights, $15.00, GiveableGreetings)

7. Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t Lose. Travel Mug

A perfect way to get your Monday morning inspiration.

clear eyes full hearts can't lose travel mug (Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can’t Lose Travel Mug, $22.00, withlovelouise)

8. This Girl Loves Her Friday Night Lights Tee

Show them where your allegiance lies.

this girl loves friday night lights tee (This Girl Loves Her Friday Night Lights Tee, $21.95, GottaLoveItInc)

9. Alternative Poster

From our favorite fictional coach’s shadow over our favorite players to the iconic slogan, this artistic interpretation of the show’s poster is the perfect item for any fan.

friday night lights poster (Friday Night Lights Alternative Poster, Starting at $11.00, TheCelluloidAndroid)

10. Riggins/Saracen Election Tee

We all know these two can make America great again one play at a time.

friday night lights election tee (Riggins/Saracen 2016 Tee, $15.00, CoralStreetDesigns)


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