Shadowhunter Snacks: Delicious Recipes Inspired by “The Mortal Instruments”

melissa creates tmi party (Image)

One of the things I love about the Shadowhunters fandom is just how creative those who belong to it are. From recreating jewelry to getting rune tattoos, fans are coming up with all sorts of ways to bring the Shadow World into the real world. However, I think one of the most creative ways some fans are showing their love for Cassandra Clare’s books is in the kitchen. Drawing their inspiration from the first novel The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, several foodies have whipped up several delicious dishes based on the meals sampled by Clary, Jace, and the rest of the gang throughout their first adventure.

Whether you’re planning a full-blown party or just looking to whip a plate for one, try making one of these easy and yummy recipes inspired by The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

Jace’s Faerie Plum Truffles

Jace truffles (Image)

Don’t worry. The only magic faire-inspired treats is how good they taste. Get the recipe from Not Your Momma’s Cookie here.

Taki’s Coconut Pancakes

taki coconut pancakes (Image)

Whip a stack of Clary’s breakfast of choice from Taki’s Diner. Get the recipe from Food in Literature here.

Taki’s Apricot-Plum Smoothie

taki smoothie (Image)

Sip on Izzy’s favorite smoothie from Taki’s Diner. Get the recipe from Food Through the Pages here.

Jace’s Mu Shu Pork

Jace mu shu pork (Image)

Jace would definitely love to indulge in this recreation of his favorite Asian dish. Get the recipe from Fiction-Food Cafe here.

The Mortal Instruments Inspired Orange Cream Cocktail

tmi cocktail (Image)

Blue like the eyes of his beloved Alec, Magnus would have no problem serving this cocktail creation at his next big party. Get the recipe from Melissa Creates here.



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