Get Ready for Motivational May!

motivational may (Image)

We’ve all been rejected a time or two.

You put your heart and soul into a project or an interview or a goal only to be told your best simply wasn’t good enough.

They like you, but not enough.

At this time, they are going to pass.

Maybe next time.

Rejection sucks. I’ve been there. It makes you doubt yourself. It makes you question if your project is worth pursuing. It gets in your head, and you wonder if you’re good enough to reach any type of success.

However, every time someone kicks you down you need to get back up. You need to keep fighting even if it seems impossible. You can’t quit. Remember, there are tons of highly successful people who were told no hundreds of times before they finally heard yes. (Michael Jordan and J.K. Rowling, anyone?)

This month is dedicated to all those out there who have been kicked down and found the strength to get back up and fight another day. I’m not going to give my interpretations of these beautiful quotes. I’m going to leave that up to you. Let these words comfort the sting of any rejection you may be going through right now. Let them fuel that fire to tackle whatever it is you believe in. Let them be a reminder to you to never give up on pursuing your passion. Go after what you want. Start that novel, workout program, job application, or whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish. The right person will recognize just how dedicated and talented you are. You have to keep going when everything else gets tough. All that hard work is going to pay. Just wait.

You are enough.

You can do this.

The battle is far from over.


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