Show Off Your “Shadowhunters” Ship Pride with This Apparel Line

malec tank (Team Malec Tank, $18.99, ESEF Apparel)

Are you crazy about Clace (Clary and Jace)? Are you a diehard Sizzy (Izzy and Simon) shipper? Are you team Malec (Alec and Magnus) for life? Whatever couple is your OTP, you can now show your couple some love and share your team pride with the world with this line of Shadowhunters merchandise from ESEF Apparel sold exclusively on Etsy.

Featured on several episodes of the Afterbuzz TV Shadowhunters after show and podcast, this adorable line features a collection of tanks and hats emblazoned in sparkly gold lettering with your choice of Team Clace, Team Sizzy, and Team Malec. For those who don’t have a specific ship team, there is the #SHADOWSQUAD style. The standard tanks in the line are available in heather grey, heather white, and heather black, while hats come in all black or black and white. The company even takes custom orders, so you can special order in a different shirt style or another ship like Climon (Clary and Simon) or Jalec (Alec and Jace). One of the Afterbuzz TV hosts even rocked a #HOTHODGE tee on the season finale recap show. Check out the official ESEF page to learn more.

This is a must-stop Esty shop for all diehard Shadowhunters fans. Check out the whole Shadowhunters line from ESEF Apparel below!

team malec hat (Team Malec Hat, $16.99, ESEF Apparel)

team clace tank (Team Clace Tank, $18.99, ESEF Apparel)

team clace hat (Team Clace Hat, $16.99, ESEF Apparel)

team sizzy tank (Team Sizzy Tank, $18.99, ESEF Apparel)

team sizzy hat (Team Sizzy Hat, $16.99, ESEF Apparel)

shadow squad tank (Shadow Squad Tank, $18.99, ESEF Apparel)

#shadowsquad hat (Shadow Squad Hat, $16.99, ESEF Apparel)


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