Snuggle Up With Your Own Shadowhunter With This Jace Plush

jace plush (Jace Wayland Doll, $55.05, MrDollsyPlushberley)

What Shadowhunters fan wouldn’t want to cuddle up with a shadowhunter of her very own? While our favorite badass hero may only a fictional character, you can get your very own Jace Wayland with this adorable plush available on Etsy from vendor MrDollsyPlushberley.

Standing at roughly 12 inches cuddly cuteness, this little guy is inspired by combination of Jace’s decryption in the books and actor Jamie Campbell Bower, who portrayed him in the movie adaptation The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. While Bower may have been the model, Dominic Sherwood fans will also see some of their favorite guy in him. (He is a plush doll after all.) He comes dressed in the requisite shadowhunter black demon-hunting gear. His leather jacket can be removed to reveal the tiny runes on his arms and chest. You can even choose the color of his eyes between golden brown like in the books or blue like Bower’s in the movie. Oddly enough, Sherwood has one color of each, so that may make the choice a little tougher.

If you’re looking for a shadowhunter or something truly unique to add to your Shadowhunters collection, let this little Jace plush steal your heart just like he stole Clary’s.


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