Shadowhunter Style: S1:E12 “Malec”

Shadowhunter Sty;e

On the latest episode of Shadowhunters, Clary got one step closer to uncovering her mother’s ailment, Izzy got Jace and Alec to reconcile, and Simon had hope for him and Clary after learning her and jade may be siblings. Of course, the highlight for all us fans was Alec falling straight into Magus’ arms and the two sharing their first kiss after Magnus put a stop to Alec and Lydia’s wedding.

I have to give the costume department of Shadowhunters major accolades for the fashion moments in this episode. From the grand dresses in the wedding scene to the clothing choices throughout the rest of the episode, each of our favorite leading ladies was given her chance to shine with a collection of outfits that perfectly reflected each of their unique personalities and journeys while still creating a cohesive look for the entire show.

Here are all the fashion highlights from 1×12 and how you can take these outfits from the screen to the street.


1x12 clary (Image)

Look 1

Even though Valentine’s on the loose, Clary still knows she needs to sharpen her skills. She’s learning quickly from Izzy that just because a girl is kicking ass doesnt mean she still can’t look good. Get Clary’s look training look by layering a sheer dark charcoal sweater over black camisole and olive jeans. Baddass lace-up boots finish off the outfit in true shadowhunter style.

Look 2

As season one comes to a close, it’s clear to see the immense change in Clary from mundane art student to a shadowhunter-in-training. During the episode’s mission to contact the warlock Ragnor Fell, she rocks a full shadowhunter look that even Izzy would approve of. Channel Clary’s shadowhunter style with black skinny jeans paired with a sleeveless black blouse. A cropped leather jacket and the boots from the first look bring edge, a simple silver bracelet and rings give a simple feminine flair.

Look 3

After spending so many weeks in jeans and tees, Clary is probably thrilled for a chance to slip into something a little bit more feminine for Alec and Lydia’s wedding. One the big day, she chooses something that’s sweet and little bit sultry that has both Simon and Jace turning their heads. Steal Clary’s look for your next bing event by selecting a long navy dress in a classic silohute with a deep v-neck cut. Simple black heels, long layered necklaces, and a collection of simple dainty rings really bring this outfit to life.

1x12 clary outfits


151fd2c49e8bab8043370bb997cffb47 (Image)

Look 1

While Clary and Jace are out chasing leads about Valentine, Izzy is busy whipping the Institute into shape for her brother’s impending nuptials. She my been knocked down last week, but now she’s back on top of her game. Steal her sleek party-planning attire by pairing a body-hugging navy dress with a pair sky-high booties. A vintage style cocktail ring, ruby red pendant, and snake wrap bracelet bring that signature Izzy edge.

Look 2

Determined to make her brother’s day perfect, Izzy has her heart set on giving Alec the best bachelor party ever by forcing him to mend fences with his BFF Jace. Of course, even when she’s scheming, Izzy is still the fiercest shadowhunter around. Pair a body-con dress in a racy red hue with the booties and accessories from the first look to replicate Izzy’s sexy bachelor party outfit.

Look 3

It may be in bad taste to upstage the bride, but Izzy gets pretty damn close. She looks like a golden goddess walking up the aisle as Lydia’s maid of honor. Channel Izzy’s stunning style for your next being event with a seductive floor-length v-neck gown in gorgeous gold that hugs your body in all the right places. Simple gold sandals and the accessories from Looks 1 and 2 bring edge without overpowering the dress itself.

1x12 izzy outfits


1x12 lydia (Image)

Look 1

A picture of poised perfection, not even meeting the high-ranking members of the Clave or dealing with the latest Valentine issue the night before her wedding can break her calm and collected mood. Channel some of Lydia’s confidence for your next big meeting with this simple pairing of a fitted long sleeve teal dress and classic black pumps.

Look 2

Styling yourself for a big event can be challenging, but bride-to-be Lydia makes it look effortless. Take a page from Lydia’s book and get ready in style with a gorgeous satin floral-print kimono-style robe fit for a shadowhunter.

Look 3

We may have been rooting for Magnus to stop the wedding, but we can’t deny that Lydia really does make a beautiful bride. She wears a stunning gown kissed in a golden hue, the traditional shadowhunter wedding color. While you may not be ready to make your own way down the aisle, you can still steal some inspiration from Lydia for your next black-tie affair. Select a strapless floor-length gown in a light gold color. Look for one that features embellishments on both the top and throughout the skirt. Accessorize with some simple stone dangle earrings in ivory and gold, a clear stone bracelet in yellow or rose gold, and a pair of simple heels to keep your beautiful dress the star of the show.

Look 4

Lydia may have been left at the alter, but her day gets so much worse when she’s attacked by Hodge in order to get the Mortal Cup for Valentine. At least she still looks good going down. Get her badass look by pairing black jeans with a dark brown asymmetrical jacket and simple black booties. Finish it off with a simple gold circle necklace as a tribute to the union that never was.

1x12 lydia outfits



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