Because of Reading…

because of reading 1 (Image)

Of all things that I have, my books are some of my most treasured possessions. I have loved reading since I was young. I can spend hours lost in words, savoring the scent of the pages, reveling in the feel of the cover. To this day, I would rather curl up with a good book than got to a party, and I would rather spend hours wondering the aisles of my favorite bookstore than explore the rest of the mall.

A favorite book is an old friend. No matter how many times you’ve read it, you keep going back to it. Each time you reread it, you discover something new. You take something new away from the story. You fall even more in love with your favorite characters. However, there really is nothing more special than the first time you read your favorite book.

Books have the power to change us. They have the power to inspire us. The have the power to become part of us. I believe that with all my heart.

This month, let’s pay homage to the beautiful lessons we have received from our characters and beloved stories.

Because we simply love our favorite books.


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