Shadowhunter Style: S1:E7 “Major Arcana” and S1:E8 “Bad Blood”

Shadowhunter Sty;e

Okay, I’ll admit I’ve been slacking a bit when it comes to my Shadowhunter Style posts. In order to make it up you guys, I’ve put together a super addition of all the stand out wardrobe moments from the last two episodes.

Here are my to picks for the best looks from Major Arcana and Bad Blood and some tips on how you can recreate these gorgeous outfits.


Look from S1:E7

In Major Arcana, Isabelle made the decision to overhaul her reputation and her wardrobe in order to help improve her family’s standing in the Clave. While she debuted a much more toned-down version of her usual look, she still manages to let her fiery personality shine through despite her more conservative duds. Get Izzy’s new serious look with a fitted navy sheath dress. Add a cool leather jacket with unique detailing (I used one with lace for the example below) and a pair of heels with some spike embellishments as a nod to Izzy’s wild side. Finish it off with a a silver coil bracelet and statement ring and a ruby pendant.

Look from S1:E8

In Bad Blood, Izzy proved she could even make a lab coat look fierce when she traded in her her usual field work for some time in the Institute lab. She kept things simple and understated with a touch of her signature flair. To get her sexy scientist look, pair a long-sleeved black dress with simple black pumps. Top it with a funky white peplum blazer to replicate the silhouette of her fashionable lab coat. Top everything off with the accessories from her Major Arcana outfit.

isabelle outfit ep 7 and 8


Look from S1:E7

In Major Arcana, we got the return of Camille and her continuous taunting of Simon. Of course, this queen of seduction knew exactly how to play every trick in her ancient book to get in that poor boy’s head. Get her sleek and sexy look with a body-hugging, lacy navy dress and sparkly gold heels. When it comes to accessories, size definitely does matter, so finish everything off with bold, gold statement jewelry.

Look from S1:E8

In Bad Blood, Camille was forced to face that she and clan had some bad blood of their own when right-hand man Raphael let a mutiny against her. Maybe it’s fitting that she went out in a blaze of fiery red. Get her her look with a fitted red dress with black lace detailing and spiked red heels. Unlike her look from the last episode, the accessories accessories are much sleeker, so stick with some gold hoops and a couple modern bangles.

camille outfit 7 and 8

The Lewis Ladies

In Major Arcana, we were introduced to Simon’s mother and sister. Normally, I don’t do fashion breakdowns for minor one-off characters, but I thought the Lewis ladies were a special case. I love how the wardrobe department used pinks, neutrals and florals to create a visual contrast and highlight the differences between these mundane women and our beloved shadowhunter ladies.

Mrs. Lewis

For Mrs. Lewis’ simply chic ensemble, pair a blush pencil skirt with a sleeveless white blouse and two-toned nude pumps. Finish it off with some dainty gold accessories.


A true child of Brooklyn, Simon’s sister Rebecca definitely invokes the artsy vibe of the borough. Get her bohemian-inspired look with a a light and flawy floral dress and knee-high brown riding boots. Cinch the dress at the waist with a wide leather belt and complete the look with jewelry that features natural elements like wood and crystals.

lewis ladies outfit ep 7


In Bad Blood, we were introduced to the new head of the Institute Lydia Branwell. Just like her personality, her no-nonsense style is all business. Capture her look by pairing a simple black tank with black trouser pants and and a leather chain belt. Mix in a brown blazer and a pair of lace-up booties for a militaristic vibe. Complete the look with simple black stud earrings, a gold pendant, a studded leather wrap bracelet, and embellished rings for a final outfit that’s tough yet chic.

lydia outfit 8


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