Shadowhunter Style: Isabelle Lightwood’s Snake Bracelet

Shadowhunter Sty;e

Whether she’s fight demons, lounging around the Institute, or flirting with the boys, Isabelle Lightwood of Freeform’s Shadowhunters always looks fierce. She’s perfected the art of putting together sexy and seductive styles with lots of black leather, sky-high heels, bold red lips and impeccably lined eyes. Of course, a girl this fashion forward needs weapons that powerful as well as beautiful like her snake bracelet. Enchanted by angelic runes, this stunning accessory transforms from an intricate silver cuff into a deadly whip that is is every demon’s worst nightmare in battle.

isabelle lightwood snake whip (Image)

Looking to infuse a little shadowhunter style into your wardrobe? Here are some great snake bracelets that Izzy would definitely approve of.

isabelle bracelet 1 (VIPERA Forged Snake Bracelet, $26.78, Etsy)

isabelle snake bracelet 2 (Saachi Snake Bendable Wrap Bracelet, $19.79, Overstock)

isabelle snake 3 (Brass Snake Armlet, $45.00, Etsy)

isabelle snake 4 (Kenneth Jay Lane Silver Snake Coil Bracelet, $119.00, Fruugo)

isabelle snake 5 (Silver Tone Coil Spiral Snake Bracelet, $15.50, Etsy)


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