Guy of the Day February Day 17: The Men of “Shadowhunters” Pt. 2

guy of the day feb shadowhunters cast 2 (Image)

While we love our badass shadowhunters, we can’t forget about our favorite mundanes (average humans) and downworlders that help round out the rest of the main cast of Freeform’s hit show Shadowhunters. With serious wit and strengths all their own, these guys are quick to lighten the mood with their one-liners, serve as keys to valuable information, and occasionally save the day when the shadowhunters squad gets backed into a corner they can’t quite get out of. Seriously, what would Jace, Alec, Isabelle, and Clary do without them?

Let’s give some love to our favorite non-shadowhunter guys.

The charmingly adorkable Alberto Rosende as nerd-hot best friend and mundane Simon Lewis

guy of the day feb Alberto Rosende  (Image)

The perfectly toned and exotically handsome Harry Shum Jr. as the eccentrically witty and mysterious warlock Magnus Bane

guy of the day feb harry shum jr (Image)

The gorgeously sexy god Isaiah Mustafa as the fiercely loyal and strong werewolf/NYPD detective Luke Garroway

guy of the day feb Isaiah Mustafa (Image)

Who says shadowhunters get all the glory?


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