Guy of the Day February Day 13: Christian Kane

guy of the day feb christian kane (Image)

Christian Kane is a guy who wears many hats. In addition to being ruggedly handsome, he makes us swoon as our favorite no-nonsense badass in hit television shows like Angel, Leverage, and The Librarians. He’s melted our hearts with that voice of a whiskey drinking angel on his country album Welcome to My House. Now, he wants to be your personal chef with his iTunes show Kane’s Kitchen, where he puts his own sexy spin on our favorite dishes.

Actor, singer and chef?

Is there anything this man can’t do? I think not.



  1. We love so many things about Christian Kane. And addition all that, he is sweet and personable and genuine and adorable, and has an amazing range for his voice and music. Thank you for letting people know about him! #kaniac

  2. We love Christian Kane! In addition to all of that, he is sweet and so appreciative of his fans and adorable. The range of his voice and music is amazing. Thank you for spreading the word about our guy! #Kaniac

  3. Christian Kane is my favorite guy year round. He is amazing: a talented actor, singer, chef, fighter, and stuntman. He is also funny and sexy! The complete package! Thanks for making him your Guy of the Day!

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