Guy of the Day February Day 12: Van Hansis

guy of the day feb van hansis (Image)

Van Hansis may only be 30, but this brown-eyed beauty has already left his mark in television history. On the soap As the World Turns, he played the troubled yet lovable and kind-hearted Luke Snyder, a gay teen trying to find love and his way. Not only was he half of daytime’s first gay supercouple, his heartfelt portrayal of Luke earned him three Daytime Emmy nominations. Since the show ended, he’s been pursuing the indie scene with roles in films like The Occupant and the hit web series EastSiders. Now, he’s stepping into the creator seat with his latest project Ms. Guidance, an indie series about a failed actress who returns to her former performing arts high school as a guidance counselor. Through it all, he’s maintained his signature openness, sardonic wit, and adorable charm. He’s sweetheart who’s got a knack for taking the artistic roads less traveled. Love ya, Van!


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