Guy of the Day February Day 9: James Maslow

guy of the day feb james maslow (Image)

What happens a member of tween sensation grows up? Well, if your James Maslow, you get hot. After he ended his run with the clean-cut boy band Big Time Rush, we all assumed that he would fade from the culture landscape and fall into the black hole of forgotten boy banders.

Oh, we were so wrong.

Sure, he did slip away for a little while, but clearly that was only so he could bulk up and chisel every inch of his body to sexy perfection. Since bursting back on the scene, he’s been showing off those six-pack abs everywhere. He bared them as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, flashed them on the cover of fitness magazines, and showed them off as the twisted Bart Winslow in Lifetime’s Seeds of Yesterday. He’s also tackling the music scene again with a few singles on iTunes and a YouTube channel of covers.

Yes, it looks like James is well on his way to a comeback one sexy step at a time. We’re all rooting for you, James!


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