Guy of the Day February Day 5: Will Estes

guy of the day feb will estes (Image)

When it comes to finding the perfect boy next door, you don’t need to look any further than actor Will Estes. He’s got an impressive resume that includes all-American shows like The New Lassie, American Dreams, 7th Heaven, and Boy Meets World. As Officer Jamie Reagan on CBS’s Blue Bloods, he plays a Harvard-educated beat cop trying to find his place in the shadows of his detective brother and his commissioner father. He’s the heart and soul of the Reagan clan, the moral compass who tries to see the best in the world and the people he encounters. Off screen, Will is a dog lover, heavily involved in animal charities, and a vegetarian. He’s also trained in gymnastics and jiujitsu, and, while he may not be a Harvard grad like Jamie, he competed on and won Celebrity Jeopardy. Brains, beauty, and a heart of gold, Will really is everything a girl dreams of and more.


  1. Will estes he is. So. Cute. Very handsome good. Looking. I love u will. I hope will is still. Single. I what meet will estes. Someday. Will haba haba haba. Will he have a nice smile ever will hot guy. Will he is very smart. Romantic will is my favorite guy from blue bloods 👮👮👮💗💗💗💗💗😘😘 just I love him

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