Guy of the Day February Day 3: Peyton Meyer

guy of the feb peyton meyer (Image)

Peyton Meyer may be young, but he’s already proving he’s a heartthrob in the making. He’s made a name for himself among he tween crowd on the Disney Channel’s hit show Girl Meets World, the reboot of the beloved Boy Meets World franchise. As new kid Lucas Friar, he’s the Texas born-and-bred cowboy with heart of gold who acts as the voice of reason when the hijinks ensue. However, Peyton’s character isn’t some one-note goody-goody. His character has a bit of a dark past with some anger issues he’s working hard to overcome. Maybe that’s why he’s got fans torn between whether they  want him to be with sweet Riley, played by Rowan Blanchard, or sassy Maya, played Sabrina Carpenter.

One thing fans aren’t torn about is that Peyton is definitely one to watch. With a bright future unfolding right in front of him, he’s well on his way to heating up the screen for years to come.


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