It’s Okay to Have Your Own Opinions

its okay different opinions (Image)

We all have opinions.

Some good. Some bad.

Differing opinions simultaneously make life more interesting and drive the majority of conflicts going on today. In a perfect world, everyone would agree on everything. However, we don’t live in a perfect world, and it can be tough to be the one in the group who doesn’t agree with the consensus of the others. When you speak up, everyone else is quick to try to change your mind, or, worse, they dismiss you altogether.

It’s important to respect and learn from all opinions, but don’t let yourself feel forced into adopting the ones that differ greatly from your own beliefs just because everyone else believes them. Our world view is constantly changing the more we learn and experience about life. Sure, you may not view the world through the same lens as other, but there is nothing wrong with having your own ideas.

Form your own opinions.

It’s okay.


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