It’s Okay to Not Meet Your Parents’ Expectations

its okay parents (Image)

Every parent has their own ideas of what his or her child’s life should be like. They bring you into this world, raise you with a set of beliefs, and try to guide you onto the path they feel is best for your future.

But what happens when your path diverges from the one your parents guided you towards?

What happens when you want to pursue the arts, but your parents want you to be in a more practical field?

What happens when the person you fall in love with isn’t someone they approve of?

What happens when you find your own belief system that makes sense to you but not to them?

Sometimes, you need to break away from expectations to become the person you’re supposed to be, not the person your parents expected you to be.

If you’re lucky, you’ll have parents who will still love the amazing person you’ve become.

Blaze your own trail.

It’s okay.


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