It’s Okay to be Smart

it's okay if smart (Image)

It feels like the whole world is telling you to dumb yourself down. The perceived cool characters in the media are the ones who shun learning and goof off, while the less cool ones sit in the front row and take notes. The ones who don’t turn in their homework get all guys and party invites, while the ones who ace the big test are stuck at home alone. The slackers receive praise and popularity and the ones who work hard are shunned and teased.

It seems so easy to just not try. It seems so easy to not to care.

Yet, pretending not to know the answer or not trying on a test only hurts you in the long run. Parties come and go, and those who only like you when you’re not being yourself will eventually fade into the background. However, the lessons you learn, in the classroom or the world around you, are something you will carry with you for the rest of your life that no one can ever take way from you.

Raise your hand.

Answer the question.

Explore your favorite subjects.

Learn everything you can.

Set yourself up for success.

Embrace your intellect.

It’s okay.



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