No Paper? No Problem! Great Wrapping Alternatives for This Holiday Season

magazine gifts 2015

Looking to step up your gift wrap game this holiday? Whether you’re look for a way to make your gifts stand out or you’re looking for an eco-friendly substitute to traditional gift wrap, Will Write For Boots has got you covered with great ways to package those presents that don’t involve the traditional wrapping paper and gift bags. The creative alternatives let you get creative, express your own style, and some personalized touches for your recipients.

Need some ideas to make help you make a statement under the tree this season? Here are a few alternative wrapping ideas complete with garnishes that are just as cool as the gifts they conceal. (Your family and friends won’t want to open them, because they’ll be so pretty.)


This my own personal favorite. (The picture above is some of my work from this year.) Breakout your favorite magazines like Nylon and Vogue to create funky, fashion-forward packaging that will stylishly stand out under the tree.

Garnish: Black ribbon. It’s sleek, chic, and truly goes with just about every fashion spread you could possibly use.


Looking for some wanderlust wrapping? Use old maps or pick up some cheap ones for an exotic look that just may inspire family and friends to treat themselves to a little jet-setting in 2016.

Garnish: Packing string. This thin string gives gifts a cool vintage feel without taking away from the beauty of the map.

Brown Paper Bags

Most people have a stack of brown paper bags lying around, which makes them an easily obtainable gift wrap alternative. They allow you to personalize each gift for every recipient Whether they are rustic, contemporary, or whimsical. Plus, since you can write on it, you don’t have to worry about gift tags.

Garnish: Whatever you want. Since these bags are blank slates, pretty much anything goes.

Book Pages

If you have some old or slightly damaged books you can bear to tear up, you can repurpose the pages to create some lovely literary-themed packages.

Garnish: Black ribbon or packing string. Black ribbon gives a modern flourish, while packing twine creates a beautiful vintage vibe.


Not all wrapping needs to be paper. Pick up some scarves (Charming Charlie usually has good deals), and you’ll have beautiful wrapping that doubles as a gift in its own right.

Garnish: Fabric ribbon. This thicker ribbon will hold a scarf together better than thinner curling ribbons and the wide variety allows you to play around with colors and prints.

Reusable Totes and Cosmetic Cases

While there are many great alternatives for wrapping paper, there are also great substitutes for gift bags. Like scarves, tote bags and cosmetic cases are cute ways to avoid gift bags and let you give two gifts in one.

Garnish: A simple bow is all you need.


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