5 Great Books to Help Inspire and Guide Your Writing

blue typewriter 2 (Image)

While some may disagree with me, I’ve always thought having a library of books on craft is just as important as having a collection of books by authors you admire. As we draw to the close of National Novel Writing Month 2015, I thought I would leave you with some of my favorite books about writing that have inspired me in recent years. I hope you find them helpful tools as you continue to create your novel beyond this month. Happy writing everyone!

1. 100 Prompts for Romance Writers by Annette Elton

This little book of steamy prompts has all the ideas you need to help you write the next great love story.

100 Prompts for Romance Writers (Image)

2. This is Not a Writing Manual: Notes for the Young Writer by Kerri Majors

A collection of insightful and irreverent essays from a writer who’s lived this life, this book is filled with all the writing you need without all the technical stuff don’t want.

This is not a Writing Manual (Image)

3. Writing New Adult Fiction: How to Write and Sell New-Adult Fiction by Deborah Halverson

In addition to being a comprehensive guide to the up-and-coming new adult category, it features a great breakdown of self-publishing versus traditional publishing to help you decide which route is best for you.

Writing New Adult Fiction (Image)

4. HowDunit – The Book of Poisons by Serita Stevens and Anne Bannon

With in depth descriptions of thousands of lethal powders, pills, and plants, this little book will guide you to the perfect poisons to inflict on your characters.

Howdunit Book of Poisons(Image)

5. You First: Journal Your Way to Your Best Life by Lea Michele

Okay, this one is technically a writing manual, but these guided journaling meditations will help you get in touch with your creative spirit, plan out your writing goals and the steps of your career, and focus in on achieving exactly what you want to accomplish.

You First Lea Michele(Image)


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