Cartoon Fashion: Cool Cartoon Inspired Costumes You’ll Want to (and Can) Wear Every Day!

Halloween porch (Image)

Halloween is upon us, and it’s time for that question that plagues us every year: What am I going to be? If you need some inspiration for your costume this year, I suggest passing on the expensive pop-up costume shops and styling yourself after one of these beloved animated ladies that slayed with their iconic one-outfit looks. All you need is a few pieces from your closet or your favorite clothing store and a little imagination. The best part? All five of of these outfits can be worn after Halloween in your everyday life, give or take a piece or two. You’ll get an original costume for the holiday and cool outfit you’ll wear again and again.

1. Daria Morgendorffer from Daria

Who doesn’t want to be Daria Morgendorffer? With her darkly sarcastic observations of the world, she’s got a straightforward style to match her straightforward personality. A black skirt and pumpkin-colored henley paired with an army green jacket and some combat boots are all you need to perfectly channel this 90s goddess. (Don’t forget some glasses and cynicism!)

Daria costume

2. Jane Lane from Daria

Fashion Club who? We all know that rebel Jane was the real trendsetter on Daria. With red flannel, combat boots, and a ton of black, you’ll have 90s badass on lock with this layered look.

Jane costume

3. Judy Funnie from Doug

Let’s face it: Doug’s dramatic older sister is the original hipster. With a palette of black and purple a cute beret and some black shades, the only decision you’ll need to make is whether you want to copy her Nickelodeon look or her Disney one. (I went with a play on her Nickelodeon one.)

Judy Funnie costume

4. Spinelli from Recess

Fun fact: Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland rocked a Spinelli costume one year for Halloween. While she’s the only Ashely to renounce her place with the other Ashleys, she puts the fashion-obsessed clique to shame without even trying. Combine an orange beanie and some striped socks bright red skater dress and a badass a leather jacket and boots for a quirky look that will have you turning heads.

Spinelli costume

5. Louise Belcher from Bob’s Burgers

Louise’s style is just like her: Completely insane, yet you can’t help but love her. All you need is a bright green dress, a knitted bunny hat, and some black flats. (I swapped Chucks for Mary Janes.) Bonus points for getting a mini chalkboard to carry around with puny burger name on it.

Louise Belcher costume



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