“Because We’re Legion”: “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll” Episode 10 Recap

This week on the season finale of Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, Gigi meets with a big west coast producer, which Johnny loves because it drives Flash crazy.

Johnny, Flash and Gigi are sitting around the kitchen table discussing their record label debacle from the week before each blaming themselves. Johnny and Gigi don’t blame each other for almost selling out and selling their souls. However, when Flash says it’s his fault, Gigi agrees wholeheartedly, telling him he should have been looking out for her and not looking at her best assets in a the barely there, see-through bathing suit they made her where. She notes, even drunk and high, Johnny was able to see past all the fame to bring her to her senses while Flash did nothing. She says he was her boyfriend, leaving him to question whether or not they have broken up. Johnny suggests they go back to their roots with good songs and the sound that made people take notice, and Gigi agrees.

Later, as Johnny and Flash work on some new tunes, Ava bursts in after returning all of the clothes she bought on the record label’s dime. After revealing she had to break up with a pair of designer sandals, Flash tells her Gigi broke up with him. Ava tells him he better boyfriend-up and figure out how to get her back. Greg Dulli, Johnny’s sworn mortal enemy, calls Gigi, much to Johnny’s charging. Ava says she hooked Gigi up with him, and Gigi reveals he heard their music and wants to fly out from LA to be their “vibe advisor.” Flash pretends to be thrilled, while Johnny sulks. Gigi wants to get back to what made them great, and, to do that, she needs Bam Bam and Rehab back. The guys meet with Bam Bam, Rehab, and Ira, who is now all about one of his few money-making clients. Johnny says they are needed and missed by the band, but it’s not going to be that easy. There are a few demands: They want their own apartment, security deposit, and app. They also want the rights to the song to “What’s My Name” as there is a perfume company looking to use their version in a commercial. Both parties agree to giving the pair the rights to the song, but no apartment, and Bam Bam and Rehab rejoin the band.

Johnny goes home and tells Ava and Gigi the good news. Later, on the way to the studio, Flash tries to to take charge with a list of unwanted advice, which devolves into an argument about which on of The Beatles they would all be. Jut then, Greg’s producer friend JP (Rob Morrow) comes in a day early. He senses bad vibes in the room and says he can’t wait to record the room. Bam Bam immediately declares him one of the coolest people he’s ever met, while Gigi seems captivated by him. He wants to hear them play, so the band gears up to play. Johnny goes in the booth with JP, and tries to lay down the law, but they are interrupted by Gigi who asks what song they should start with. The two engage in some heavy flirting, much to Johnny’s delight, ending with him telling her she “has a little bit of the devil inside her.” Johnny sees that he can use this to his advantage to get Gigi finally away from Flash, who seems incensed by the interactions between the pair. Later, when Johnny can’t find his phone, Flash tells him look up JP’s ass. Johnny smugly tells him he can feel his negative vibes and how much JP loves those.

Flash confronts Ava about Gigi’s deal with JP Ava tells him a crush and, if he wants stability, he should date someone her age. He questions whether or not Ava told Gigi about their romp years ago. Ava tells him it was a one-time thing and to never mention it to Johnny or the band will break up for good. When he says that would be just like his marriage, she tells him his real marriage has always been to Johnny and whatever messed up relationship they have. She says he needs to stop focusing on on some twenty-one year old and focus on the real love of his life the band. Gigi comes in and agrees. Ava hastily leaves the room. Gigi tells Flash he needs to stop telling JP what to do. Upset, he asks her what her deal is with JP. She tells him, if he wants his love life to work, he should date some one his own age like Ava. He asks her why she would says that. Lather, in the studio, J.P. stirs up drama by whispering everybody’s secrets, including telling Gigi that he knows Flash and Ava slept together. Fueled by the intense tension in the room, the band lays down a powerful track about heartbreak.

JP goes back to L.A. to share the demo with his label. Later, Gigi comes into the studio and tells Ava, Johnny and Flash the label loved their song. They were thinking of giving them a small advance to record two more songs, but the plan changed when his boss heard Gigi’s voice on a perfume commercial. He said rock isn’t used in crappy perfume commercials, so the band is out of luck. Gigi is pissed at Johnny, who allowed Bam Bam and Rehab the right to the song, and tells him to go out into the hallway. Meanwhile, Ava and Flash watch the commercial on repeat, because Ava loves the shoes and Flash loves the ladies.

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll airs every Thursday night at 10PM ET/PT only FX. All songs are available for purchase on iTunes as they are released.




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