September Reading List Day Fourteen: “Marked Men” Series by Jay Crownover

Marked Men series (Image)

Satisfying every girl’s weakness for bad boys, I credit Jay Crownover’s Marked Men series for introducing me to the world of new adult fiction. Set in the heart of Denver, the series centers around tatted up men of the popular tattoo shop Marked and the women who tame them. Told in alternating points of view, each book focuses on a different couple: Rule and Shaw, Jet and Ayden, Rome and Cora, Nash and Saint, Rowdy and Salem, and Asa and Royal. Unlike a lot of romance novels out there that feel forced and flat, Crownover has a true talent for creating genuine chemistry between her characters that feels real and makes readers believe in the genuineness of their relationships. She uses her characters individual flaws and personal issues to highlight how the two individuals compliment each other and why they are at their strongest together. In addition to building steamy budding romances, Crownover also puts a focus on developing the friendships between all of the leading characters, creating a loyal surrogate family that has each other’s backs no matter what. Proving boys with ink are just better, Crowover will have you wanting to hang with crew and falling hard and fast the tattooed guys of her Marked Men series.

Books in Series

  1. Rule
  2. Jet
  3. Rome
  4. Nash
  5. Rowdy
  6. Asa

What are your thoughts on today’s selection? Share your thoughts below! Also tweet your favorite books to @WriteForBoots and I’ll retweet them!

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